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Stop looking for Fitspiration online, start looking for body positivity
We're told that if we hate our bodies enough, we'll do what we can to change them. Unfortunately it doesn't really work like that. Here's what you can do instead of hating your body. - photo by Rebecca Clyde
Fitspiration was all the rage, photos of half-women, body parts, and messages of "inspiration" that tell you to take the feeling out of existence to move forward. We've been taught that this is inspiring, that it makes us better. But does it?

Research suggests that adults with greater weight satisfaction actually have better health habits. And that's not by having a "healthy" BMI, it's being satisfied with your weight, wherever it is. The Academy for Eating Disorders goes as far as saying that body dissatisfaction does not lead to self-care, it actually leads to helplessness and damaged self-worth. Are you sure you want to sign up for that?

It's time to call an end to clean eating, fitspiration, and any other damaging means to 'get healthy' because, in reality, they don't actually lead you to get healthy and actually stay healthy. This idea of perfect eating or exercising is exhausting, stressful, and takes us further away from being able to tune into our bodies, which I believe is paramount to living a healthy life. Now, this isn't the case for everyone, but it sure is for most.

So, in order to feel better, why not expose yourself to more people who highlight what their bodies allow them to do vs punishing themselves?

Well, here you go, here's great Instagram accounts to follow that won't make you feel bad about your body or your lifestyle.

So go ahead and purge yourself from all the accounts you follow that make you feel bad about yourself and follow more like these that are positive and real.
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