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Should you wash your face with hot or cold water?
See what the experts think! - photo by Liset Rivet
There are plenty of opinions about whether it is best to wash your face with hot or cold water. Most people assume that everyone does the same thing -- until they realize that they dont. And thats when you start to wonder.

Some argue that cold water will tighten your skin and slow the aging process, while others say that hot water opens your pores and serves as a deep penetrating exfoliator. But none of this has been scientifically proven.

Pores do not actually open and close. So all the myths about using steam and then ice cubes on your skin have no scientific backing.

The skin on your face is sensitive compared to other parts of your body and needs to be treated with greater care. Using extreme temperatures on either end of the spectrum will only cause more irritation to your face and cause damage to your faces natural oils.

What do the experts say?

With your skin's sensitivity, you could easily break out in a rash or aggravate your skin. Dr. Nazarian, a certified dermatologist at Schweiger Dermatology Group, argues that, Hot water and temperatures will dilate blood vessels and capillaries ... That can leave skin red and in aggravate conditions like rosacea, which ultimately leads to broken and permanently dilated vessels."

The truth is that neither cold or hot water is a professionally sound answer. In fact, experts have a different opinion entirely. People need to find their own preference of temperature for there skin type.

Normally, going with a lukewarm temperature is anyone's best bet, especially since most people's body temperatures help the skin on the face react better with a warm medium.

What should your facial routine look like?

Your facial care routine should actually be simple. Using too many products or harsh substances on your face will only irritate it.

Start by making sure the canvas is clear by cleaning all makeup off with a makeup remover or towlette. And do not ever sleep with makeup on! Afterwards clean your face with a cleanser, it's always better to use one that is fragrance free (ex: Cetaphil), compared to the runned down market scents. They are just uneccesary and the fragrance free options work more medicinally for your skin.

Follow with a spray, mist or toner. They remove any final traces of dirt. Also, if you live in areas with dry air, I would suggest investing in a serum. My go-to is always organic coconut oil. Lastly, use a moisturizer to lock in all those natural oils and to protect your face from the enviorment.

The solution is simple

Finding your skins holy grail of cleansers, a solid moisturizer and personal temperature will bring you to the point where your skin will glow. And thats the goal of washing your face in the first place. Take care of your skin and it will take care of you!
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