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'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies': 3 points for parents
Annabelle (Jess Radomska) chewing her grandfather in Screen Gems' PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES. - photo by Shawn O'Neill
Points for parents

  • Violence: A major portion of this film is spent in fighting zombies. Characters use swords, axes and guns to fend off attacks from the undead. Zombies have their heads shot off, and some have their heads crushed. One beheading is shown from the blurry perspective of the zombie. A woman fires a gun, which injures her hand. Groups of humans fight the undead on a battlefield. A man and woman fight each other in a home. A woman must defend herself from a large man and kills him.
  • Gore: Zombies have flesh that is torn and falling off as well as dried blood on their bodies. Many wounds are seen, as is some blood from these wounds. Bodies of zombies are burned in a bonfire and in an oven. Zombies are seen eating brains in two different scenes. A zombie woman holds her undead child in her arms.
  • Sensuality/drinking: Some kissing takes place. A clergyman stares at a mans naked body. Women are seen placing weapons in their stockings and garters as they dress. Drinking at parties and at meals is portrayed.
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