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Jennifer Aniston shares her secrets of looking 20 years younger than she really is
Anistons 6 basic tips make her 48-year-old body look 28. - photo by Kristina Tieken
I was shocked to hear how basic Jennifer Anistons weekly routines are that make her 48-year-old body look so much younger. Her unwavering commitment to standard healthy living can be intimidating until you realize just how simple it is - with no-frill dieting or extreme workouts. The down-to-earth celebrity is very open about her year-round, striving commitments to maintaining a happy and healthy life.

Here are six totally doable and basic tips to having an incredible body and healthy lifestyle:

1. Make breakfasts filling and nutritious

Anistons typical morning includes shakes and smoothies, or eggs and avocados on toast sprinkled with coconut oil. Her favorite breakfast is a trick her husband, Justin Theroux, taught her - oatmeal with an egg white whipped in to give it a protein boost and a fluffy texture.

2. Include a main vegetable and protein in lunch and dinner

Meal preparation is easy with Anistons basic approach to lunch and dinner. She always includes a vegetable with protein. Her go-to dinner is salad and chicken.

Snacking is also important. Aniston suggests apples and almond butter or a handful of nuts.

She adds her own skinny-style to meals by substituting bacon for turkey bacon or using zucchini and eggplant in her lasagna. Keeping hard-boiled eggs, lettuce, cut vegetables and pulled chicken stocked in the refrigerator makes healthy eating convenient for her.

3. Stay hydrated and drink, drink, drink

Aniston starts every morning by drinking warm lemon water. This trick helps with digestion and adds a refreshing twist to tasteless water. One of her main tips is to hydrate as much as you can, as often as you can. Hunger is often confused with thirst. Staying hydrated will help you lose weight by not overeating.

4. Incorporate a variety of exercises (even if its only 10 minutes)

Variety is the key for me, said Aniston. She spends increments of 15 minutes doing a quad thing, elliptical, spinning, running and a portion of DVD floor workouts. Not everyone has an hour to work out, so her biggest tip is to listen to your body. If you dont feel well, its OK to skip a day here and there. Simply start with 10 minutes. Chances are, working out will begin to strengthen your body and youll end up exercising longer.

She makes it look so easy but gives us all hope by mentioning how freakin hard exercise can be. Its hard no matter how in or out of shape you are, so dont get discouraged, just get moving.

5. Rest and recuperate regularly

Getting adequate sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being throughout your life. Quality sleep can keep you looking and feeling young," said Shelby Freedman Harris, Psy.D. Aniston emphasises her belief in the importance of sleep and relaxation by practicing yoga, frequently meditating and getting at least seven hours sleep.

Jennifer and her husband also enjoy rejuvenating Sundays by applying face masks and indulging in pampering sessions.

6. Treat yourself occasionally

I allow myself to indulge once in awhile, Aniston says. Pasta is Anistons guilty pleasure. Theroux makes Aniston simple pasta carbonara with eggs, parmesan and bacon.

Aniston doesnt believe in making rules for her eating regiment, but she does cut back on carbs when she is trying to slim down. Finding healthy snacks you enjoy can help ease those pesky sugar cravings. For Aniston, its frozen red grapes. The crunch makes for a genius, satisfying snack.

Its pretty clear: eat as much organic fruit and veggies as you can, keep sugar [intake] low, drink tons and tons of water and get good sleep, Aniston said.

Starting diets are difficult, but having a lifestyle philosophy to eat well will make it easy to control your weight and feel great. Her key tip is maintaining healthy eating habits so you never have to reach for the reset button.
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