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Is 'Justice League' OK for your kids?
Sometimes the superhero universe is a bit of a gamble for what you get in content. Here is a parent's guide for what to expect in DC's new film "Justice League." - photo by David Clyde
THE MOVIE THEATER If I had to pick one superhero franchise based solely on its superhero lineup, it would always be DC I have always just felt like they are my home team.

It should then go without saying that I was pretty excited to see the long-awaited Justice League film with most of my favorite heroes all under one roof. We have Batman, Superman, Aquaman, The Flash, Wonder Woman and Cyborg all battling evil together.

But is all of that enough to add up to a great superhero movie? Ill defer to Travis Poppleton's full review and let you decide that for yourself. What I will tell you is what to expect in terms of content as a parent, so you can decide if you want to take your kids to see "Justice League" in theaters this weekend.


If you're concerned about objectionable language in Justice League, dont worry, there just isnt much to be found. I think most superhero movies these days (with a couple notable exceptions) understand that strong language is not going to get the story across any better than strong action sequences. In Justice League, there are a handful of swear words, but none of which would make grandma blush.


Is there violence in Justice League? Yes, of course, there is violence in Justice League; we are talking about a league of superheroes who deliver justice things are going to get messy. Is the violence unpalatable?

I guess it depends on what type of violence you can tolerate, but as for Justice League, it is all superhero violence all the time. This is the type of action you have seen a million times and is the staple of any action superhero movie past, present and future. Most of the fighting comes as a result of an evil alien god named Steppenwolf trying to take over the world. Steppenwolf smashes up a lot of things on earth, kills innocent people and beats the heck out of the Justice League for a while.

I think it's pretty clear what to expect in the violence category, so if you are good with that, then go to this film ready to enjoy it.


Justice League's PG-13 is the result of the intense action scenes and comic book style violence. Not much was a result of anything else, including sexual content. The most you can expect in this film is a couple of references to the attractiveness of Gal Gadots character Wonder Woman, a handful of shirtless scenes involving Jason Momoa as Aquaman and Henry Cavill as Superman. These guys worked out, a lot and Im pretty sure they requested it in their contracts to have a few shirtless scenes, if for no other reason than to recoup the cost of their gym memberships and protein powder.

Subject matter

Its a tale as old as time: alien god sees world, alien god tries to conquer world in the least efficient manner possible, alien god encounters resistance exactly equal to 100 percent best effort and is narrowly defeated by a handful of people who are really good at breaking stuff.

This scenario is the tried and true formula of every superhero movie ever because it gets results. Good vs. evil, cooperation vs. chaos, shirts vs. skins. Its easy to pick a side and hope your team wins. The subject matter in this film is intense, like a roller coaster is intense, as long as your seat belt holds, you're probably going to have a good time.


If you are looking for an exciting, and at times, pretty funny movie that takes your mind off of the real world for a little while, Justice League is for you. As far as action movies go, it is a pretty tame film in all areas other than over-the-top stylized explosions and fighting sequences that are all relatively harmless.

This film is rated PG-13, but in my opinion would be suitable for children a little younger, depending on their personal sensitivities. Justice League is meant to be fun, and I think it gives us what we want.
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