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Have You Seen This? Volcano from space
The International Space Station got an amazing view of an erupting volcano. - photo by John Clyde

SPACE If you're not in immediate danger of being destroyed by one, erupting volcanoes are a pretty awesome sight. Again, as long as you're not running for your life much like the small town of Dante's Peak had to when Pierce Brosnan came to town.

I would have to assume that space is a pretty safe place to watch a volcano. Well, safe from the volcano, not from all that lack of oxygen, extreme temperatures and Martians. But from the perspective of getting hit by molten-hot magma it's safe.

Anyway, the International Space Station was orbiting over the right spot at the right time when it caught these images of Sarychev Volcano on the Kuril Islands, northeast of Japan. Truth is this video is old, like 7 years old, but for some odd reason, no one has seen it.

The video is only eight seconds long, but it's a phenomenal eight seconds and it doesn't even have a million views after nearly a decade. So, I'd assume a majority of you have not seen this old gem, but now you can say, "I have seen that."
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