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Have You Seen This? Tom Hanks the wedding crasher
Good guy Tom Hanks is at it again. This time he decided to surprise a bride and groom on their big day. - photo by John Clyde
THE PARK It's really hard not to like Tom Hanks.

The man is Forrest Gump, he's the kid who grew into an adult overnight, and he's always the captain of some doomed vessel. You know the guy on screen, but it's the guy off the screen that seems so awesome.

Hanks was in Central Park when he happened upon a wedding party, so like any good citizen, he congratulated the happy couple and wished them luck. Oh, and since he's Tom Hanks he also took some photos with them and was even invited to the reception.

I think this is great and I love that Hanks is such a down-to-earth and fun guy.

But let's flip the scenario, shall we? If I were taking a jog in the park LOL, me jogging and I jumped into someone's wedding photos and told them "congrats," I would be punched in the face and probably kicked in the gut because I'm a jerk. But Tom Hanks is Tom Hanks and it's face-meltingly awesome when he does it.

Way to go Hanks, you're somehow even cooler today than you were yesterday.
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