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Have You Seen This? Thirsty crow asks for water

CAW CITY — Animals are known for being anything from innovative to downright destructive while in search of food and water.
From rope-climbing bears to problem-solving birds to mice chewing up everything in site, the quest for survival continues. While wild animals generally leave humans out of their endeavors, one thirsty crow was smart enough to beg for and receive human help to get a drink.
At first the humans think the crow is begging for food, so they toss several crumbs his way. But the bird ignores the feast, concentrating his energies on the cap of a bottle of water.
The bird continues to peck at the cap until one scared little boy decides the crow wants a drink and removes the cap to fill it with water. Once the cap is successfully filled, a man holds it while the bird drinks his fill and flies away.
Maybe Alfred Hitchcock was right. Maybe we should fear an uprising of birds.

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