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Have You Seen This? The only reason to own a rocket launcher
If you never thought you'd need a rocket launcher in your life you were wrong, because you do. Your socks need one, your feet need one. - photo by John Clyde

THANK YOU ISLAND It's the toughest part of everyone's day. That moment when you get home from a hard day's work and you plop down on your couch and want to let the dogs bark. You slip off your shoes, but then the socks ... what a pain. Am I right?

You've got to bend over, risking serious back injury and then reach your arm over to get to your feet. I mean, it's not like you're a world-class gymnast and can contort your body to any shape. Then you have to extend even farther to actually get the sock off the foot. Now that you're done with that, repeat the process for the next sock. At this point it'd be easier to get socks tattooed on your feet and call it a day. But that would require you to get in your car, drive to the tattoo parlor, wait your turn, get hungry and then just have to drive home when it was all over. No, thanks.

Once you get your socks off, however, the trouble has just begun because now what? You want to just leave them on the floor, but society has deemed that gross. Instead we have to put them in a hamper or, even worse, directly into the laundry room. What kind of time does society think I have on my hands? This is getting ridiculous.

Well, fortunately we have all found a sock savior, YouTube madman Colin Furze. This man has revolutionized the worst part of your day into the best part. He solved the sock dilemma by hooking them up to a rocket launcher and sending those stinky feet gloves into another county. You're welcome, Madison County, my socks are now your problem. Enjoy your bridges.

Furze's method is both convenient and fun; just look at the joy on his face when his socks are sent into orbit.

Thank you, Colin Furze, we owe you one. What will science think of next?
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