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Have You Seen This? The best political ad
Politcal ads are usually, well, usually the worst. But this guy knows how to do a commercial. - photo by John Clyde
THE GREAT STATE OF TEXAS It's nearly November, which means, thankfully, the political ads are almost over. I'm not sure I can stand one more ad telling me about why the other candidate is such a monster and nothing about why I should actually vote for this candidate. I truly feel that political ads are some of the worst things in America right now. Not just because they're mean, but because they're usually not done well.

Well, not every ad falls into that category, but most do. One that most surely does not, however, is this ad from Travis County, Texas and candidate Gerald Daugherty.

Daugherty is running for re-election as Travis County Commissioner and his wife really, really wants him to win. Why? Because if he doesn't he's going to drive her insane at home. This ad warms my heart. I don't know much about Daugherty, but if he's truly as great as this ad is, then he's probably a solid candidate.
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