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Have You Seen This? Street Fighter chalk art
I didn't realize that chalk art and Street Fighter were two of my favorite things until now. - photo by John Clyde

THE STREET When I was a kid, I wanted to be an artist. There was a problem, however: I was terrible. When I drew people, they looked like shapeless rocks, and my rocks looked like throw up. Art was not my forte. I changed gears when I saw the 1989 classic "The Wizard." I figured I'd become a professional video gamer.

My brother and I saved our money for months, dumped over $100 worth of coins on the counter at the ShopKo near our house and bought a Super Nintendo. The game I was going to realize my dreams with was Street Fighter II. My character of choice was Guile, and I played that game like crazy. Soon I realized I was worse at video games than I was art. I was a button masher and constantly hoped for the best.

Well, when I saw this video, my 7-year-old heart broke all over again. Master chalk artist Chris Carlson makes an amazing piece of art as he combines his chalk art talent with Street Fighter. Granted, the character is Ryu, not Guile, but that stings more because that was my brother's character, and he always beat me.

While I go wallow in my broken dreams, enjoy this incredible video of a talented person doing talented things.
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