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Have You Seen This? Speed finger painting
This artist in Cancun, Mexico, is making finger painting cool again. - photo by Angie Treasure
SPEEDVILLE Some people do well in timed situations. I was one of those geeks who couldnt wait for times table tests because my 8-year-old body would be jazzed on adrenaline and whatever candy I ate at recess (probably Fun Dip) and would zip through those sheets like a mad person.

I enjoy timed trivia, card games and even physical pursuits like running or sprinting, though Im terrible at it.

Other than rushing to get through my mandated 30 minutes of violin practice every day when I was in school, Ive never tried a timed artistic endeavor, and after seeing this video of an artist in Mexico doing just that, I think Ill leave it to the master.

According to the description of the video posted by missartist123, the artist was one of several working in Cancun, working with oil paints on a ceramic tile. He sped through the ocean scene using just his fingers and paint and was done in two minutes.

The end product is typical tourist tchotchke fare, but the video of the process is the real souvenir.
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