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Have You Seen This? Sleepy toddler is best part of wedding
Drowsy driving is not funny. Not in the least. But when it's a toddler dozing off at the wheel of a tiny car at a wedding, then it's pure gold. - photo by John Clyde
THE DMV There are few things I love more than a good nap.

I'm not good at many things, but I am fantastic at napping. I once napped through an earthquake, a carbon monoxide alarm and an ACT. They were all separate occasions. So, yes, I'm pretty good.

While my napping is viewed as lazy and irresponsible by some, not by me it's never been viewed as adorable. While I'll never receive that honor, this little guy does and he should get a medal for it.

This kiddo was set to be the ring bearer at a wedding and in an effort to make the already adorable kid even cuter they decided to put him in a tiny car and have him drive up to the altar. Little did the parties involved realize that most kids find weddings excruciatingly boring, and this child had likely been hitting the milk bottle a bit hard.

While things didn't go quite as planned, I don't think anyone minded because it made for the cutest wedding moment at these nuptials. Maybe the bride was bothered she was upstaged by a drowsy toddler, but I doubt it.

I relate to this kid; he loves to nap, finds weddings boring and wears a tux like a boss. OK, maybe I don't wear a tux well, but two out of three is still pretty good. I think this kid is my spirit animal.
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