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Have You Seen This? Seal jams with a busker
Singing star Seal saw a man busking up in Montreal and decided he'd join in on the fun. - photo by John Clyde

THE STREETS Making a living as a busker isn't easy, but every once in a while you have good day. This video captures one of those days for busker Jason Deeh Pitre from the band The Scroll.

Pitre was busking in Montreal when the one and only Seal showed up and decided to duet with him to the classic "Stand By Me."

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a touch disappointed that "Kiss From a Rose," but it's still a pretty great rendition of "Stand By Me" and I think Seal could sing just about anything and it'd sound amazing. That's not to take away from Pitre at all because that man can both play and sing and he and Seal together isn't half bad.

What I was really focusing on, however, wasn't the music, but rather what Seal is wearing. Not only is this man incredibly talented, but he's just about the ony guy on the planet that can make a pair of coveralls look crazy fashionable. New life goal: be Seal.
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