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Have You Seen This? Pro hockey player makes 3 attempts to give puck to little girl
This is what makes sports great. It's not the amazing plays, the massive salaries or even the championships. It's moments like these. - photo by John Clyde
THE ICE I want you all to think back for a moment and try to recall the last time you literally jumped up and down because you were so excited. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Can you? I had a hard time figuring out when I last did that. I'm talking pure delight. A smile crossed your face against your will and you just started bouncing and looking around for anyone to share in your joy.

I ask because this video shows off one of these pure and utterly delightful moments.

During a Stanley Cup playoff game, a little girl was pressed up against the glass desperately trying to get the attention of the players warming up. Washington Capitals player Brett Connolly saw this little girl and decided to make her day.

He tossed a puck over the glass for her, but an adult behind her grabbed the puck and handed it to a little boy, likely his son, to the girl's right. The look of disappointment on her face is nothing short of heartbreaking. Connolly went and grabbed another puck and tossed it over the glass. The same man caught it and then gave it to a little boy on the girl's left. This time Connolly had had enough. He pounded on the glass and pointed to the girl letting everyone know she was supposed to get a puck. So Connolly grabbed yet one more puck, tossed it over the glass and made sure the little girl got her prize.

What happened after that was pure adulation as the girl smiles from ear to ear and bounces like a rabbit showing off her souvenir.

This is what I love about sports. The intense games are fun, the championships are satisfying and the atmosphere is intoxicating, but there is something about watching an athlete go out of their way for a fan that really gets me. These athletes are often paid massive salaries to show off their talent and hard work, but it's those fans who pay those salaries and make it possible for these men and women to do what they love. So, it's nice every now and again to see these professional athletes give back.

Watch the video, let it make your day and share with everyone you know to make their day a little brighter as well.
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