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Have You Seen This? Perfect Nerf shot at mom
Moms endure a lot of things and this is living proof of that. Nerf guns, bored dads and a camera, that's all we need. - photo by John Clyde

THE HOUSE Let's face it, moms endure a lot.

They have to put up with whiny kids who don't appreciate what they do for them, and they have to find patience even Gandhi would have envied as they deal with husbands who are more like children than their own kids.

I can't begin to count the number of times I tortured my mom with my antics and childish pranks. But when it comes to the antics and pranks I've pulled on my wife, I can't even fathom it. I'm sorry sweetheart, but as much as I'd like to tell you I'll stop hiding behind doors to scare you or stealing your phone only for you to look for it and think you've gone mad, I cannot, because you agreed to better or worse and it's just too much fun.

I have a feeling the husband and father in this video is a bit of a kindred spirit of mine. This guy decided to basically take a sniper shot at his wife on Mother's Day with a Nerf gun. And in true full-grown adolescent mode, he caught it all on camera. While shooting the Nerf gun at the unsuspecting mom was funny, it's the fact that it was a perfect shot and the mom caught it in her mouth that makes this video next level awesome.

She is so proud of herself that she caught it that she doesn't even care that she was shot in the first place. My guess is the husband immediately sent the video to all of his friends with the caption, "My wife is the coolest wife of all time. I've done well."

You have done well, sir. Your wife is pretty awesome.
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