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Have You Seen This? Kids crash BBC interview
What's it like being a parent? This video honestly sums it up pretty well. - photo by John Clyde
THE HOME OFFICE Being a parent is not an easy job. Kids are demanding, exhausting and really do whatever they want even though we naively believe we're in charge.

I love being a dad, but when my brother's wife was pregnant with their first child, I told him this, "Kids will be the best-worst thing that ever happened to you." That may sound harsh, but any parent can understand where I'm coming from. You always love your kids, you just don't always like them. For those who are not parents, I think I can best illustrate this to you through this BBC interview.

Professor Robert Kelly was giving a live interview to BBC about the impact of the impeachment of South Korea President Park Geun-hye when his kids threw open the door to his home office and made an unscheduled cameo. Kelly kept going with the interview and didn't move except to try and push one of his kids out of the way. Of course that didn't work; his child was in the zone and nothing was going to stop him.

If one toddler wasn't enough, soon Kelly's younger child burst onto the scene in a baby walker and things got even better. That's when a woman comes in maybe a wife, maybe a nanny and desperately tries to wrangle the kids, which is next to impossible.

Everything about this video makes me smile because it's hilarious. And as of right now, it's not my kids doing it, so it's awesome. Granted I wasn't on the BBC, but I have a small understanding of what professor Kelly is going through.

I was once doing a Skype interview with a TV station from the south I'll leave unnamed. I was in my home office when my 3-year-old son decided he just needed to be with dad. I would have ushered him out, but I may or may not have been wearing pants at the time and couldn't exactly stand up. Don't judge me. It was early in the morning, and they were only supposed to see me from the waist up.

Anyway, I love this video, and I love being a parent, but man is it hard sometimes.
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