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Have You Seen This? How to play the 'Star Wars' theme on calculators
Every now and again I'm reminded that I'm not very clever or smart or talented for that matter. Actually it happens a lot and this video just drives that point home. - photo by John Clyde

A SCHOOL DESK FAR, FAR AWAY The latest "Star Wars" movie is headed to theaters this weekend and odds are you've already got your tickets and are desperately trying to not focus on how far away Thursday night is.

In an attempt to satiate your ferocious appetite for all things "Star Wars," here's a video for you.

YouTuber It's a Small World is known for creating music on calculators. How you get the time and patience to figure something like this out I'll never know, but that's what she does. And the iconic "Star Wars" theme from John Williams is her latest cover.

Using five calculators and a fluffy sweater, she manages to play a pretty convincing version of the instantly recognizable theme and also manages to melt my brain. Sure this is silly and pretty ridiculous, but at the same time it's insanely painstaking to figure this out and she even threw the 20th Century Fox theme at the front on top of it all.

While this video won't make up for the fact that you still have to wait a couple of days to check out "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," hopefully it will at least get you even more excited about the continuation of the "Star Wars" saga and possibly inspire you to buy some calculators and find a whole lot of free time. That is until Thursday night rolls around because you have a date with the theater.
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