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Have You Seen This? Giant balloon T-Rex
It's a life-sized T-rex made entirely of balloons. Who wants this guy at your kid's next birthday party? - photo by John Clyde
BALLOON TOWN I've tried making balloon animals, but a few things were not in my favor.

For starters, my hands are about as gentle as a rabid raccoon that just found a box of Twinkies. I also have no idea how to make balloon animals. So, with those two factors in mind, I was impressed by this video of a life-sized T-Rex made entirely out of balloons.

Mark Verge is a six-time World Champion balloon artist and with this piece you can easily see why. Verge says he likes to make "big" things, and I definitely think this replica of an ancient dinosaur measuring 12-feet tall and 43-feet long qualifies as big.

Verge said the dino took over 40 hours to build and required about 700 balloons. I'm lucky to get 40 hours of work in a week. Wait, scratch that. Nevermind, employer, I get 40 hours minimum, usually more. I think I covered that up well.

Whether I have a job tomorrow or not is apparently up in the air, but what is not up in the air is the fact that this balloon dinosaur is amazing, and Verge makes some pretty awesome stuff.
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