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Have You Seen This? Gaming at 10,000 feet
Some gamers like to host LAN parties, others like to play online with a friend from Vietnam. This guy goes extreme and plays while free falling from 10,000 feet. - photo by John Clyde

THE SKY Video games have become so realistic and immersive that gamers are always looking for a way to take it to the next level. Maybe they have hopped on the Oculus Rift train, or maybe they bet money to make it more interesting, but we now know how to make gaming the most extreme pastime: Do it while jumping out of an airplane.

The marketing folks behind the NVIDIA Shield console decided to recruit the help of extreme sports star Jeff Provenzano. On his Red Bull page, Provenzano is described as "one of the pioneers of the high-speed, high-stakes skydiving discipline of swooping." Whatever that means.

Well, what it means is he'll strap into a living room set and play Street Fighter while hurtling toward the ground for a few bucks. I'm not totally sure what this video proves other than the fact you can play this gaming system at terminal velocity just in case the urge strikes you, but who cares, it was awesome and now I want one. Way to go you advertising jerks, now take my money.
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