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Have You Seen This? Ending the Bearpocaplypse with kindness
There has been a major breakthrough in the ever-growing battle between human and bear, and the secret weapon is Canada. - photo by John Clyde
THE FRIENDLY GREAT WHITE NORTH I have been leading the fight against the Bearpocalypse for years now. Every time I feel like we have a leg up, those crafty beasts do something new that throws a real wrench in our plans. What are we to do? Bears are faster, stronger and climbier than us, and now they're getting smarter and smarter, too. I was losing hope, but then Jordan Cote did the most Canadian thing ever and quite possibly saved the entire human race; he beat the bears with kindness.

Cote found some bears in his yard one day, and instead of losing his mind and passing out in his living room accepting his fate (as I would have), he calmly walked outside and politely asked the bears to leave his lawn so he could head to work.

At first, when I watched the video I was screaming at Cote to leave immediately as I prayed for his family to have comfort after he was torn to shreds. Instead, the bears were caught off guard and didn't know how to attack such a pleasant and kind Canadian. Unbelievably, his kind strategy worked. The furry fiends left the yard and headed to wherever their evil lair is to discuss what had just happened and strategize how to combat it next time.

While I applaud Cote and his bravery, ingenuity and all around delightfulness, I also can't help but wonder if Canadian bears are also kinder than any of their kind on the rest of the planet, much like their human neighbors in the Great White North. I would say if you're a Canadian go ahead and try this method with Canadian bears. If you're an American dealing with American bears, then I wish you luck and I'll pray for your family's comfort as well.
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