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Have You Seen This? Croc attacks couple in hotel pool
This may keep you from ever getting in another hotel pool when terrifying creatures are nearby. - photo by John Clyde
CROCS POOL As a husband and a father I have moments when I wonder how I would act in a situation in which my wife and or kids were in danger. The way I envision it Id be like a superhero fighting off a would-be attacker or giant bone-crushing robot. Id get hurt in the process, enough to make everyone worry about me, but in the end Id be totally fine and the hero of the world.

In actuality I might act just like the guy in this insane video run for my life, realize I've left my loved one to fend for herself, and then jump back in to tentatively save the day.

This CCTV video shows a couple enjoying a dip in the pool at an African resort. Theyre just relaxing and passing time when a crocodile sneaks up and leaps into the pool right at the woman. I think the man was an Olympian because the speed with which he jumps out of the pool is nothing short of amazing. In the meantime the croc attacks the woman and she desperately tries to get away. With that same quickness the man makes his way around to the other side of the pool and decides he will help his lady after all.

The crocodile backs off and, incredibly, both people were uninjured, despite the chomping jaws just inches away from them.

Hopefully this is a lesson to all of us. Were maybe not as brave as we thought and hotel pools are scary for a number of reasons.
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