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Have You Seen This? Boy is adorable emotional roller coaster after shots
Being a brave boy certainly has its up and downs. - photo by Courtesy: YouTube

THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE — Life always has trials, even when you’re young and small.

Sure, kids don’t have to go to work or pay bills or worry about the state of world politics, but that doesn’t mean their struggles aren’t valid.

For example, take the wee one in this featured video. He probably feels pretty carefree in his everyday life, playing real hard and dreaming of growing up. But then there comes the day where he is called upon to be brave, as he visits the doctor for his shots.

When we happen upon our hero, he fresh out of the gauntlet — his trial is over, but his emotions are fresh.

“Was I tough?” he inquires of his mother.

“You were tough,” she ensures, as every mother should when her son returns from a harrowing journey.

“Do I get pancakes?” is his obvious response. For only the brave of this world deserve fresh, fluffy pancakes.

From there the emotions go to almost total emotional breakdown. The edge is near, and you can see it in our hero’s face despite a celebratory high five.

But he rallies again, proclaiming “I’m not sick anymore!” while smashing his fist into his palm.

Our baby boy hero’s face then loses all trace of hardship. “Take that g-e-e-e-erms,” he says, solidifying himself as the sassiest hero in the land.

Fight on, brave boy, fight on. Now that this trial is over, you can face your next round of shots and pancakes with less fear and even more germ squashing.

Martha Ostergar is a writer who delights in the ridiculous that internet serves up, which means she's more than grateful that she gets to cruise the web for amazing videos to highlight.
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