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Have You Seen This? A plan, a motorcycle and a tight rope
Everyone loves to see an awesome stunt. Like a person slacklining from an incredible height, a plane doing tricks or a motocross rider throwing a backflip. Well, what about all three at once? - photo by John Clyde

STUNTLAND We all love a good stunt. But we see them so often now thanks to YouTube and our smartphones that we constantly need bigger and better.

Someone just slacklining won't cut it anymore. A dirt bike backflip? Please, let's get creative. Even stunt planes seem tame at this point. We're second-hand adrenaline junkies. We don't want to be the person trying to walk a tightrope high in the air, or try to rotate a motorcycle completely backwards while airborne, or do aerials in a small airplane, but we are tired of seeing people do these things.

That means those people who have the guts to actually pull this stuff off now need to get even crazier because our lazy bones want more. Well, we got more.

This video shows a motorcyclist (Jimmy Fitzpatrick) throwing a backflip in front of a guy slacklining (Sketchy Andy Lewis) all while a stunt pilot (Melissa Andrzejewski) flies underneath them. It's pretty amazing and all of us who don't actually want to do any of these things are grateful for your insanity for the sake of our entertainment.
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