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Have You Seen This? 52-year-old dad can skate
Whoever says age limits you is wrong and this 52-year-old dad just totally proved it. - photo by John Clyde

THE DADVERSE I'm a 32-year-old dad and I can barely get out of bed most mornings. I can't imagine the things I won't be able to do in 20 years when I'm 52. This video makes my future look even worse.

Jeff Hall is a 52-year-old dad from Augusta, Georgia, and not only can the man skateboard, but he shreds.

This short video of Hall was taken on a backyard ramp. He performs some tricks that my brain is still trying to figure out. I don't think it ever will, considering the most intense I ever got on a skateboard was on my neon-green Batman board when I'd sit on it and glide down my neighbor's slightly angled driveway.

Hall gives hope to all of us dads out there. We may have terrible jokes, we may dress in socks and sandals with a polo tucked into our cargo shorts, but that doesn't mean we can't do some pretty awesome stuff now and again that even our sarcastic teenagers find cool sometimes.

So if you can't take one more eye roll from your kid, just buckle down and find something that you're awesome at and totally own it.

You're cooler than you think, dads. I promise.
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