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'Gods of Egypt': 3 points for parents
Gods of Egypt (2016) - photo by Shawn O'Neill
Points for parents

  • Violence/gore: There are many scenes of hand-to-hand fighting between gods. Some gods use weapons. One of the gods stabs the king. He also takes the eyes of another god. Mortals are treated badly and tossed around at times. A woman is shot with an arrow and dies. A creature's head is cut off, and another creature has its legs sliced off. The violence is mitigated a bit since gods bleed gold. A creature threatens Egypt with destruction.
  • Sensuality/sexuality: A woman is changing behind a screen and her body is seen in silhouette. Many women are dressed in very low cut gowns. A couple is kissing in bed while clothed. Another couple is kissing in bed with clothes on, then the scene changes to them in the nude but nothing is shown.
  • Language/drinking: There is one use of profanity. There is a scene after a party as people are waking after a night of revelry.
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