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Game review: Star Wars Force and Destiny RPG: Savage Spirits: exploration and discovery with the see
Jedi seekers are loners who prefer to wander the galaxy looking for adventure rather than being stuck in a Jedi temple, political negotiation or dull trade mission. - photo by Ryan Morgenegg
Savage Spirits is a sourcebook for the Star Wars Force and Destiny roleplaying game. It introduces the seeker class, outsider Jedis who disappear for years to explore new worlds in the galaxy while uncovering its age-old mysteries.

The seekers of the force represent Jedis who are more comfortable in the wilds of a forest looking for traces of the force rather than sitting in a king's court guiding the paths of a politician. The preliminary chapter of the book describes these fascinating Jedis who emphasize exploration. There is an excellent description of the origins of the Jedi Exploration Corps on Page 6 of the book.

Divided into three sections, the book covers all aspects of playing a seeker Jedi: backgrounds, moralities, talents, motivations, special abilities weapons, gear vehicles and exciting quests. The book even includes beast riding rules that might be helpful in any Star Wars campaign.

In section one, players will discover several pages detailing seeker backgrounds. No two seekers are alike. Whether roaming the galaxy for personal reasons or to simply become one with the universe, questers, recluses, survivors, exiles and wanderers represent a wide range of sub-class choices for gamers playing a seeker.

A cool table on Page 17 gives a d100 random table to help determine a seeker's motivation. Twenty-four different emotional strengths and weaknesses will add depth to character development. Three new species are also introduced to add depth to characters, including the Anx (reptile), Ithorians (hammer-head) and Quermians (cloners).

New specializations for seeker players are the executioner, hermit or navigator. The book gives details on 23 new talents such as hunter's quarry, soothing tone and planet mapper. A cool new talent in the book is called deathblow. It allows a character to spend a destiny point to add damage on an attack equal to willpower. A powerful extra punch in combat. Bamm!

The first section is completed by a list of signature abilities for the seeker class. Unexpected demise, unmatched pursuit and a new force power called farsight come complete with advancement trees and upgrade details. Jedis with farsight can use the force instead of their senses to see through obstacles, attack from the shadows or picture an object and its surroundings without actually being present. Cool.

Section two kicks off with details about ranged and melee weapons along with armor for protection. The CR-8 Corellian takedown rifle is perfect for snipers, secret agents and assassins. It looks like the long-range rifle used by the sand people. Full specs are included. New gear and equipment are contained in three sections on survival gear, medical equipment, tools, electronics and optional attachments for armor and weapons.

A section on new vehicles gives details for air and land speeders including the "dart" speeder bike that can collapse for easy storage. The LM002 Bloodhound Survey vehicle is perfect for a Jedi seeker because it is designed to be dropped into hostile environments for planetary surveys and exploration. This section finishes with the plans for six new starships to explore the galaxy.

Deadly quests is the title of the final section of the Savage Spirits sourcebook. Reading or hearing the title of this section one might assume that it contains adventures for seeker characters and that's it. But that would be a foolish assumption. This section includes rules for bringing animal companions into the game along with rules for using beasts as mounts and vehicles. And yes, Page 70 contains information on raising juvenile animals for sale and profit.

And what value would rules for mounts be without five whole pages showing cool new creatures and riding beasts complete with lavish illustrations? A Jedi seeker riding into town on a Varactyl (think Ben Kenobi and the feathered, blue animal he rode in episode III) is a sight to behold. Complete details are given for these strange new creatures.

This section also gives some great insights about how to incorporate seekers into an adventure or campaign with other characters because seekers are more comfortable going it alone. Pages 66-68 are also devoted to wilderness survival, giving game masters tools for adding flavor to roleplaying settings.

Round out the final section with a bunch of adventure hooks and story ideas for Jedi seekers and this book delivers enough content to be worthy of a seat on the Jedi council. Just don't overlook the final pages describing the best way to reward players using Jedi seekers in play because this class is a bit unusual.

For a game master running a Legacy of the Force game session with only one player, seekers are the perfect choice. With the contents of this book, a single player and game master could sit down and run a detailed set of adventures or a full campaign in a world perfect for the solo player.

Time and time again I am amazed by the dedication to beauty and detail in these Star Wars roleplaying books from Fantasy Flight. They are simply amazing. The artwork is so stunning, it brings gamers right smack dab into this fantasy world. This is another stellar production for Star Wars Legacy of the Force fans. Thanks, Fantasy Flight Games.
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