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Five for Families: Films that teach lessons of gratitude
How to Train Your Dragon (2010) - photo by Deseret Connect
With Thanksgiving less than a week away, here are five films that teach lessons of gratitude and learning to appreciate others.

Amazon Instant: 'How to Train Your Dragon'

A young Viking named Hiccup grows up learning that dragons are the enemy, but his views change as he befriends a dragon and learns to appreciate the creatures. Parent Previews calls the film a delightful story about learning to see things from another beings perspective, adding that once the characters in this film are willing to remove the scales from their eyes, they can discard their old traditions and enjoy a whole new high-flying approach to life. The website states that this PG-rated film contains only a smattering of mild language concerns but warns that some moments of peril may be unsettling to younger viewers. recommends the film for viewers ages 6 and older.

iTunes: 'Frozen'

When Queen Elsa accidentally turns the kingdom into a frozen tundra, her sister, Anna, goes searching for her to get her to reverse the magic. Along the way, the sisters learn to love and appreciate each other. Catholic News Services John Mulderig calls it a good-natured, overwhelmingly wholesome fare with something for everyone. recommends the film for viewers ages 4 and older.

DVD: 'The Ultimate Gift'

A deceased billionaire leaves his selfish grandson a list of tasks to earn the ultimate gift. The grandson thinks it will lead to his inheritance but instead learns to serve and appreciate others. Common Sense Media notes the film is faith-based and contains positive messages but warns that it includes several deaths, including the death of a main character. recommends the film for viewers ages 9 and older.

Netflix: 'Big Fish'

A man learns to appreciate his dying father by reliving the outrageous stories his father has told him. The Dove Foundation states that the films overall message is positive and that audiences will be charmed and touched. The film is rated PG-13, and cautions that it contains language, a brutal beating and an instance of non-sexual nudity. recommends the film for viewers ages 13 and older.

Amazon Instant: 'Finding Nemo'

A young clownfish tries to be overly independent and gets taken from his home to a fish tank far away. His father goes on a wild adventure to bring him home, and both learn to rely on and trust one another. The Dove Foundation calls the film a delightful, family-friendly treat for all ages and praises the films story, themes and beautiful scenery. recommends the film for viewers ages 3 and older.
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