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Eat these foods for healthy teeth
To keep your teeth free of diseases, eat these foods. - photo by Benjamin Greene
The key to healthy teeth has gone far beyond telling folks not to eat sugar. Although this approach was popular for decades, we now know much more about how to keep your teeth healthy.

To have a smile free of diseases, eating well is crucial. Oral health is partly based on the consistency and quality of the food, and how you eat them.

Certain types of food have a better chance at enabling your body to fight inflammation and bacteria. If your diet includes foods with nutrients and antioxidants found in vegetables, legumes, nuts and fruits, it can go a long way to protecting your gums and teeth (along with regular brushing and flossing, of course). Here's how you should be eating:

1. Drink (and eat) more calcium

Studies have consistently found that calcium plays an important role in keeping your bones and teeth healthy. It can also help to clean plaque and maintain fresh breath.

You can increase your calcium intake by consuming more dairy products that are high in calcium and vitamin D. You can also drink calcium-fortified juices to lower your risk of tooth decay and oral diseases.

If youre not a big fan of dairy products, you can add powdered milk to dishes or eat more raw vegetables and fruits.

2. Snack healthy

Whether youre at work or home, make it a habit to only have healthy snacks available. If you feel like heading to the vending machine, you can be sure that youre about to make the wrong choice...Unless that machine is loaded with healthy food, which I doubt.

Here are some healthy options to boost your energy during a busy day:

  • Cheese
  • Cranberries
  • Raisins
  • Raw almonds
  • Yogurt
Its also a good idea to rinse your mouth after snacking. Making this a habit will help prevent enamel loss. Your teeth can be worn down by acid-producing bacteria for as long as 20 minutes after you swallow.

3. Beware of acidic foods

Apart from acid created by bacteria, certain food are acidic by themselves and are just as harmful to your teeth.

Here a list of acidic foods that you should only consume with a well-balanced meal:

  • Citrus fruits
  • Coffee
  • Fermented food
  • Meat
  • Pickles
  • Sodas and sports drinks
  • Tomatoes
Some of these foods are beneficial to your overall health, but they can also damage your teeth, so make sure that you consume them with care and in moderation.

One sign thatll let you know that your teeth are being eroded by acid is tooth sensitivity. Make an effort to chew and swallow these types of acidic foods quickly and rinse your mouth after meals. This will neutralize the acids in your mouth and leave you with healthier teeth.

4. Drink lots of green tea

Research has found that green tea controls bacteria and lowers the risk of cavities as it reduces the acidity of your saliva. The tea's anti-inflammatory components can help control gum disease and tooth loss. It is also known to help fight cellular damage and fight against tumors.

Try to eat healthily but also limit the time that food comes into contact with your teeth. Keeping food in your mouth for a long time can damage your teeth. Also, drinking lots of water throughout the day can greatly better your chances of maintaining healthy teeth. But diet alone isn't enough to enhance your oral health; remember to brush and floss consistently for a beautiful and healthy smile.
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