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As the weather changes one mom is begging people to stop doing this
I cant for the life of me understand why people would put others at risk." - photo by Christa Cutler
We want our kids to be healthy. When a disease threatens our kids, we go into full momma bear mode. We wash their all their clothes, wash their sheets and Clorox wipe down every surface. We know that sickness not only makes grumpy kids, but it also can stunt their growth or cause complications later in life.

But then sometimes when our older kids do end up getting sick, we find ourselves saying, Theyll get over it soon. They can keep going. We end up still sending them to school, sports or their friend's house. We dont even think about it.

One mom is begging people to stop letting sick kids go to public places, especially school

Maria Jordan MacKeigan, mother of Jordan Grace, wants parents to keep their children home from school when theyre sick.

After posting this picture on Instagram, she explained the seriousness of this situation.

Jordan has Down Syndrome, which makes it harder for her to fight off infections and illnesses. Therefore, when parents send their sick kids to school, Jordan could end up in the hospital. Maria does her best to protect Jordan from potential threats, which means sometimes she has to skip school when other kids are sick.

Maria said, Tears and anger both flowed for me at school today. I took Jordan Grace home.

She is upset that her daughter is the one missing out on school because parents are too busy to keep their sick children home from school

She went on to say, I cant for the life of me understand why people would put others at risk 'because they have so many things to do' (FYI school is not the babysitting club) not only are others at risk, but your own child needs you to cuddle them, to love them, to care for them back to health."

Maria begs people to think of others when it comes to illnesses. Although you may be busy, it is not only important to comfort your sick child, but you also need to think about protecting other children in the school.

Another woman commented on Marias post and added her voice. Common colds present much more serious to the little ones with underlying conditions and can result in devastating consequences," she wrote. "Unfortunately many people will not understand and it becomes a mission for us to educate the importance of managing sickness.

Unfortunately, when it comes to health, we often only think of our own children. So the next time you child gets sick or you think your child doesn't need shots this year because you child never gets sick, remember that its our job to keep our communities healthy.

Dont just think about yourself, think about your community. Keep your kids up to date on their immunizations, and keep sick kids at home. Not only will you help other children in your community, you will also build a great relationship with your child as you take care of them when theyre sick.
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