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Are you showering all wrong?
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While not showering would be the worst mistake of all, here are six ways to have a better (and cleaner) shower:

Shaving too early

If you are the type to shave your legs right when you hop into the shower, stop. By waiting, youll get a much closer shave. The hot water and steam softens up your tight skin, letting you get silky smooth legs, especially if you don't shave with just plain soap.

Shaving with soap

Shaving dry is a surefire way to get itchy, red bumps all over you legs, but shaving with soap isnt your best option either. Regular bath soap is drying and gives your skin no moisture after your razor strips away dead skin and hair. Invest in a moisturizing shaving cream, or at least shave with conditioner for less irritated skin.

Sharing a loofa

Or even using a loofa in the first place. This might not come as surprise, but the constantly-damp loofa is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other nasties. If the point of showering is to get squeaky clean, does it make sense to rub bacteria all over your body? Switch over to a washcloth if you can; they are easier to launder and the fibers make it much more resistant to bacteria growth. If you insist on keeping your pink loofa in your shower, check out these tips to keep it clean.

Showering in the morning

Jumping into the shower in the morning is an excellent wake-up call, but rinsing off at night has its benefits. Showering in the evening lets you crawl into your sheets with clean skin; waiting to shower means you let the days dirt and germs press into your skin and your bedding.

Ending with a hot rinse

Yes, that steamy shower feels so good in the winter months, but you shouldnt end your shower in the heat. Rinsing off just for a moment under cool water helps your skin retain its natural oils, and helps your hair cuticles seal in shine.

Scrubbing too much

While you do want to scrub off the germs and stress of the day in the shower, you might actually be damaging your skin. Scrubbing your body can interrupt your skins natural cleaning process. A deep scrub can also destroy your bodys natural protective layer, making you more susceptible to UV rays.

The debate between baths and showers is still going strong, but if you are going to shower, at least do it right.
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