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7 haircuts that will flatter anyone with thick hair
You'll be running to your stylist ASAP after you see these darling haircuts. - photo by Lindsey Miller
Lets talk about hair for a minute. Anyone with thick hair knows the struggle of going to the stylist and wondering whether or not the beachy waves you envisioned will actually end up looking like beachy waves and not some hair horror story. Your hair may be thick and lovely, but that usually means that the picture you show your stylist isnt quite what you end up with.

But it's not your stylist's fault. Your hairdresser can only do so much. And while they can give you a great cut, they cant change the texture of your hair no matter how badly you want them to.

So before you scour Pinterest for hours looking for your new do, you need to accept that your hair is thick, unique and works best with certain cuts. Im not saying you cant have that trendy chin-length bob, but there a few things you should consider before going in for a chop.

If you dont know what to do with your thick hair, here are a few ideas to show your stylist at your next appointment:

1. Soft layers

This cut will take some of the weight out of your ends without sacrificing style or length. Ask your stylist for some soft long layers for that perfectly tousled look.

2. Add some bangs

Bangs are a great way to switch up your look, take some weight out of your hair and have a fun change (no matter how long the rest of your hair is). Bangs always look awesome with thick hair, so be brave and give them a try.

3. A fun blunt bob

You might be wondering how on earth you could have a blunt cut without looking like a triangle, but its definitely possible. Just ask your stylist to hide some layers underneath and thin it out a bit. With a few hidden layers and a good thinning session, you'll rock a chick and darling bob.

4. A darling pixie

If you really want to make a huge change, consider going super short with a fun pixie cut. There are plenty of ways to make it work with your thick hair, so work with your stylist to find the style that suits you perfectly.

5. A fun undercut

If youre looking to really take some weight out of your hair, consider getting an undercut. Your stylist will shave the bottom section of your hair (You can even get a cool design), and without all that extra thickness, your hair will be instantly easier to manage.

6. Lots of layers

Thick hair is awesome with layers, so embrace it. Adding lots and lots of layers is a fun way to take out some weight and switch up your look without losing all of your length.

7. A trendy lob

This foolproof style looks awesome on everyone. If you want a more tousled and beach-inspired look, ask for a few soft layers throughout your hair. If youre looking for a more polished look, ask for a blunt cut. Just make sure to ask your stylist to thin your hair out or add some hidden layers to take some weight out if you go that route.

By knowing what works best with your hair, youll look absolutely fabulous, no matter what style you choose.
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