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6 genius ways to cover up your dirty hair
These are SO easy and work awesome. - photo by Lindsey Miller
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If youre anything like me, finding time to wash your hair can be a challenge. My hair is pretty long and thick, so the process of washing, drying and styling it takes WAY more time than I usually have. Combine that with work, school and other responsibilities, and sometimes washing my hair takes a back seat.

I was blessed with hair that doesnt get too greasy too fast, so I can go a few days between actual washes. But when I need to squeeze another day in or when I dont want to wake up an hour earlier than normal, I have some go-to options that I think youll love.

No matter what type of hair you have, these tricks are sure to work wonders:

1. Dry shampoo

Youve probably heard of dry shampoo, and youve probably even tried it before. But did you know that its actually better to apply the dry shampoo right after you wash and dry your hair? This will help the dry shampoo absorb the oils as soon as they come, leaving your hair looking super fresh.

Another little tip: dont just spray the dry shampoo at your roots. Spray a little throughout your ends for extra volume! Also, this is my favorite dry shampoo of all time (super light and smells delightful) -- and you can buy it here:

2. Half-up top knot

This hairstyle has been my best friend for a while now. Its super cute, its easy and it covers your dirty hair super well. I tend to get horrible headaches when I wear my hair up because its so heavy, but this option is awesome because its only half my hair.

3. Braids braids braids

Braids are fabulous for dirty hair, because the grease actually helps you style and manipulate the braid to look exactly how you want it. There are so many options too! Milkmaid braids, French braids, side braids and Dutch braids are all wonderful options.

4. A darling hat

Keep it simple and just cover everything with a hat -- no one will ever know just how greasy your hair is underneath. Get this super cute one here, just in time for winter (it comes in 25 colors!!!):

5. If you have bangs

If you need a good reason to get bangs, this is it. Instead of washing your whole head of hair, just stick your bangs in the sink, then wash and dry them. Itll look like you washed all of your hair in a fraction of the time.

6. The PonyDry

This may just be the greatest invention youve heard of today. This little contraption lets you secure your ends in a dry shower cap while you only wash your roots. Youll save your ends from damage, save on shampoo and save on time.

What are some other ways you cover up your needs-to-be-washed hair? Let us know in the comments!
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