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6 benefits of prenatal and postnatal massage therapy
If you are expecting your first child and you are unsure whether you should get a massage, here is how you can greatly benefit from it. - photo by Sara Lopze
Whether it is a womans first pregnancy or she has already been through the process, prenatal and postnatal massage therapy is quite helpful for pregnant women.

Massage therapy proves a vital role in helping women through pregnancy before the baby comes by relieving the body of stress and knotted muscles. After the pregnancy as the body is reverting back to its original form, there are a lot of changes that the body is going through. This can be eased out through massage therapy.

For most women, it seems like a hassle to go to a massage therapist to get the massage done professionally, so an alternate option is to get an at-home massaging device. However, the results of a professional massage and a device massage will vary drastically. Here are the benefits of massage therapy during pregnancy:

1. Reduces pain

Pregnancy can really affect your sleep position, which can result in countless uncomfortable nights and severe lack of sleep. This can be difficult for the woman as it can cause stress and disruption in the pregnancy. Through massaging, the body can become more relaxed and relieved of stress. Not just that, but it reduces the pain faced during the entire process and opens up the tensed muscles in the body.

2. Improved circulation

A better circulation of blood and oxygen in the body means a healthy pregnancy, therefore a healthy baby. Massage therapy is very important for a better circulation within the body as it gets rid of the toxins and provides nourishment to the baby. Moreover, an improved circulation leads to reduction in swelling and inflammation of joints which are a major source of discomfort for moms-to-be.

3. Reduces anxiety and depression

A lot of women are known to go through spells of anxiety and depression during pregnancy which can become more enhanced after pregnancy resulting in postpartum depression. So it is sensible to deal with this issue beforehand. Massage therapy helps with development of dopamine, reducing the effects of anxiety and depression.

4. Better healing process

Postnatal massage therapy is known to help women transition from their pregnant bodies to their original body state with more ease. Childbirth is no easy process, and a body massage is important for women to heal their bodies while getting rid of pain.

5. Improved breast-feeding

Postnatal massages help new mothers with improved production of breast milk and relieved muscle tension in the neck and shoulders as they feed their infants. It also relaxes chest muscles, resulting in decreased body pain.

6. Surgical recovery

Women who go through C-section to give birth have a long healing process and go through huge risks to bring their babies into the world. Postnatal massage therapy is a vital contributor to help the body get rid of the stress and pain of surgical delivery.

If you are considering postnatal or prenatal massage therapy, it is a great option to help reduce pain and make your pregnancy experience the best it can be.
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