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5 healthy foods to always keep in your kitchen
Look to your kitchen for dinner inspiration, instead of grabbing fast food when you don't have time to meal plan. Here are five kitchen staples to keep on hand for quick and healthy dinners. - photo by Rebecca Clyde
Meal planning is great, but it takes effort and time. Sometimes planning isnt going to happen, and thats just life.

Instead of scratching your head and having yet another dinner of popcorn and a chocolate bar, or fast food that may leave your stomach feeling not so great, turn to these pantry staples to make a healthy and delicious meal quickly.

1. Dry pasta. Pasta, particularly whole wheat pasta, is a great vehicle for anything. Whole wheat pasta has fiber and protein to fill you up. You can add lots of delicious vegetables, your favorite protein and a simple sauce. Just like that, youre done.

Here are a couple delicious pasta dishes you can make with dry pasta:

    2. Eggs. Whole eggs are an inexpensive source of protein and choline, which both help our bodies in a number of functions, including transport of nutrients, enzymes and building muscles.

    Here are a few delicious egg dishes that come together quickly:

      3. Plain Greek Yogurt. Plain yogurt is a way to get the nutritional benefits of yogurt without added sugar. Many yogurts have a significant amount of added sugar, so transitioning to plain yogurt is beneficial. Yogurt is a source of good bacteria for your gut and calcium for your bones. Greek yogurt is a source of protein, as well. Plain Greek yogurt is also versatile. In addition to eating it for breakfast, you can use it to replace sour cream or butter in baking.

      Here are a few delicious dishes that include plain Greek yogurt:

        4. Beans. Beans are versatile, high in fiber and protein, and inexpensive. You can buy canned or dried beans to store for a long time.

        Here are a few delicious dishes that include beans:

          5. Frozen Vegetables. Frozen vegetables are just as healthy as, if not healthier than, fresh ones. Theyre frozen at peak freshness to get the most flavor and nutrition for a low price. They last far longer than fresh vegetables and are as versatile.

          Here are a few delicious dishes that include frozen vegetables:

            1. Easy Restaurant Style Beef & Broccoli
            2. Healthy Spring Vegetable Lasagna via Katie Pfeffer-Scanlan of One Hungry Bunny
            3. Turkey Rice Casserole via Jodi Danen, RD, of Create Kids Club
            4. Creamy Spring Pea Guacamole via Katie Pfeffer-Scanlan, RD, of One Hungry Bunny
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