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18 magical things you never knew you could use Vaseline for
Your life will never be the same. - photo by Emily Brady
You see those cheap tubs of petroleum jelly at every store you go to. You probably dont think anything of them, but Vaseline is actually the miracle beauty product you never knew you needed. That jelly isnt just for moisturizing, it's actually good for 18 other things:

1. Personalizing your make-up

If you have some old eyeshadow that you think would make some great lipstick, just add some Vaseline to the palette and voila! If you have some lipstick you think would make some great blush, you could mix some of your lipstick with some Vaseline to create a cream blush. It lasts longer than powder blush and gives your cheeks a nice shine.

2. Polishing your shoes

Scuff your favorite pair of boots? No worries, just rub some good ol Vaseline on the scuff mark and its good as new.

3. Removing make-up

Make-up wipes can be harsh on your skin and your wallet. Vaseline is a cheap, gentle way to remove your make-up (even that stubborn waterproof mascara).

4. Making a body scrub

Add some sea salt or sugar to some Vaseline to get the best DIY body scrub of your life. Not only will your skin feel clean and fresh, but the Vaseline will moisturize and replenish your skin.

5. Dyeing your hair ... not your skin

If youre someone who dyes your hair from home, then you know the struggle of getting dye in places other than your hair. (I once went around with purple ears for two days after dying my hair red.) To avoid that problem, just dab some Vaseline around your hairline and ears before you dye your hair, and any stray dye will wash right off.

6. Keeping your razors fresh

Rubbing a thin layer of Vaseline over your razors will help keep them sharp for longer. (Make sure your razors are completely dry to avoid rust!) It will also help them glide more smoothly on your skin.

7. Healing dry feet

I used to get those awful cracks in my heels and no remedy seemed to help. But ever since I started using Vaseline, Ive never had a problem. Lather on a layer of Vaseline on your feet at night and stick on a pair of old socks before bed. It sounds gross, but your feet will be clean, moisturized and unrecognizable in just a few days.

Additionally, this thick gel can even help with athletes foot by suffocating the fungus.

8. Fixing your cuticles

Dab some Vaseline around your sore cuticles to help stop the pain. This treatment will also strengthen them and help to prevent hangnails.

9. Getting the best mani/pedi of your life

Trace the skin around your nails with some Vaseline before you paint your nails, and only get polish where you want it. Its quick, easy and prevents you from accidentally coloring outside the lines.

10. Making that perfume last

The best way to make your perfume last is to apply a bit of Vaseline where you want to spritz your scent.

11. Keeping your jack-o-lantern looking fresh

Who knew a beauty product could keep your Halloween pumpkin alive longer? Rub some Vaseline around the cuts of your jack-o-lantern to slow down the rotting process and keep it fresh for Halloween.

12. Keeping shampoo out of your eyes

This is a life-saver for moms. Simply rub some Vaseline right above the eyebrows of your babe and stop the water from running down the front of their face. Instead, the gel will redirect the water to the side of their face, leaving you with a tear-free (and squeaky clean) toddler.

13. Hiding split ends

Sometimes it feels impossible to get in for that trim as often as our hair stylist tells us we should. When this happens, put a bit of Vaseline on your split ends to smooth them over until you can schedule a trim.

14. Removing makeup stains on clothes

Just rub some Vaseline on your stain and stick it in the washer like normal. Itll come out good as new.

15. Protecting cuts and grazes

When Vaseline was first discovered, miners used it on cuts, bruises and grazes to protect them from infection and help them heal more quickly. There isnt any antiseptic in Vaseline, but it does act as a barrier against dirt and germs.

16. Removing chewing gum from hair

Forget smelly remedies like rubbing mayonnaise or peanut butter in your childs hair for easy gum removal and use Vaseline instead. Rub a glob of the gel around the gum and the hair around the gum, and the chewing gum will work its way out, with no damage to the hair.

17. Removing candle wax

When candle wax drips and hardens on another surface, you can clean it up with some Vaseline. Rub some of the jelly around the wax, let it sink in for a moment, then wipe it off.

18. Repairing minor scratches

Rub some Vaseline on a scratch or watermark you have on a wooden appliance and let it sit for 24 hours. Then, work it into the woodwork and wipe off any excess.

Vaseline has been used for dozens of purposes since it was invented in 1870. What do you use Vaseline for?
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