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12 creative ways to exercise in your own home (without spending a fortune)
Dont spend a fortune on fancy exercise equipment when can use whatever is lying around your house. - photo by Shaelynn Miller
You dont have to leave the comfort of your home to get your daily workout. Try these simple (and affordable) ways to exercise at home:

1. Count your pushups or situps during a commercial

You may as well burn some calories while watching television, right? Each time a commercial comes on, see how many pushups or situps you can do before your show comes back on.

2. Use a skateboard

If you (or your child) owns a skateboard, take advantage and use it as gym equipment. Watch the video clip above for some ideas on how to use it.

3. Be physically intimate

If youre not a fan of running, her is some good news for you. Being physically intimate can burn just as many calories as running three miles, according to Huffington Post.

4. Make your own sandbag

For an intense workout, try making your own sandbag. Fill a gallon bag with sand or if you want a larger one, go for an old gym bag. You can use as much or as little sand as you like, depending on how heavy you want the bag to be.

5. Use a bag of potatoes

Use a bag of potatoes as weight for your workout. You can remove or add as many as you prefer to adjust the level of intensity.

6. Use a chair

A chair is household item everyone has. Try using a chair for squats and leg raises.

7. Use a stool

Use a stool to hold onto while you workout, or use it for step exercises while you burn calories.

8. Use canned food as weightsYou dont have to go out and buy weights in order to get in a decent workout. A few cans or items from your kitchen will do. Grab a few cans and start lifting.

9. Walk in place

Who says you cant multitask? You can walk in place while watching television, folding laundry or even chopping vegetables for dinner.

10. Use milk jugs

Fill two empty milk jugs with water. Now you have weights with a handle! Try using the jug for kettlebell exercises.

11. Use the stairs

If you have stairs in your house, they have other uses besides getting from one story to the next. Exercise machines are made to mimic climbing stairs, so why not take advantage of the staircases in your house? Check out the diagram above for some effective stair exercises.

12. Find your own routine

Create your own daily routine. Wake up and do 10 pushups or 10 jumping jacks. Maybe do both. Set a schedule, and find whatever speaks to you.

Inspiration for many of these ideas came from Shanell Dunn. Follow her on Instagram at shanell_for_real for more ideas of how you can exercise in your own home.
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