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10 simple ways to exercise with a baby
Dont let motherhood hold you back from taking care of yourself. - photo by Shaelynn Miller
Adding a new member to the family can require some adjustments in your schedule. Here are 10 simple ways you can keep exercise in your routine:

Do baby lifts

Hold on to your baby and lift them up and back down. This is a great way to get an arm workout while bonding with your little one. To make this exercise a little more intense, try squatting while you lift.

Do bum walks

It can be difficult to find time to get to the gym when you have a baby. Try doing bum walks at home. Move across the floor on your bum by shifting your body side to side. If you are exercising on a carpet, wear pants in order to protect your legs. Click here for a demonstration. For even more fun, turn this into a race.

Find a gym with childcare options

Many gyms provide childcare. Find a gym near you that will watch your kiddos while you exercise. Check out this article for a list of gyms that offer this service.

Find the workout in your daily routine

If you didnt have time to squeeze in a workout, think about the things you did do that required energy. Pretty much everything, right? Be proud of what you did accomplish: running after your two-year old to get them back into the bathtub, fixing dinner with a baby on your hip and picking up the toys for the tenth time that day. If it requires energy, count it as your exercise for that day!

Give your child an airplane ride

This move gets its name from the babys view: they will feel like an airplane! You can do this either sitting or lying down. Rest your baby on the bottom half of your legs, and slowly move your legs up and down. Hold on to your baby with your hands to keep them safe. Try making airplane noises to make them giggle!

Invest in a jogging stroller

Many pediatricians suggest waiting until your child is at least six months old to take them out in a jogging stroller. This is because babies do not have enough neck strength to hold up their head until about his age. Once they reach six months, consider going out for a jog with your baby.

Rock your baby to sleep

If your child isnt picky about how you rock them to sleep, stand up. Youll burn more calories by standing than if you choose to sit.

Set up a play area

Give your child some toys, and do a few pushups and situps right there. This allows you to keep your eye on them while you get a workout in.

Use an exercise trampoline

For a simple way to get a workout at home, invest in an exercise trampoline. You can set it up in your childs playroom and get to sweating!

Wear a baby wrap

Exercise hands-free with a baby wrap. This even adds a little extra weight to make the most out of your squats.

Remember not to get hard on yourself if you cant find time to exercise every day. What works for someone else might not work for you. Set your own goals, and focus on beating your own record rather than someone elses.
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