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10 family-friendly YouTube series that are just as good as real TV shows
Dan and Phil posted their first YouTube video in September 2014, and by March 2015, they had 1 million subscribers following their stories and sketches. - photo by Kayla Matthews
No need to grab the TV remote some of the best series out there are accessible with just a few taps of your computer keyboard. Yes, your favorite video clip website, YouTube, has plenty of online series of its own and, yes, they're actually good.

The programs are part of the plan to expand YouTube Red, through which viewers can pay to subscribe to the site. A subscription has always unlocked access to ad-free music videos, offline video downloads and pay-to-watch original content on the site.

Now, since YouTube announced its live TV streaming service in February 2017, the subscription also includes access to these full-length, original TV shows designed to be family friendly.

So, grab your laptop, pull up a browser window and head to YouTube. Then, enjoy one of these 10 YouTube series that are perfect for the whole family.

1. We Are Savvy

This series follows four young internet aficionados as they uncover all of the fun, weird and otherwise exciting things the web has to offer.

Your children will feel inspired by the fact that kids their age are leading the show's DIYs, interviews and introducing other online finds.

2. Bad Internet

Its no secret that we all depend a little bit too much on technology.

This series from College Humor parodies our dependence on phones, Uber, Amazon and more YouTube itself is no exception. In fact, 6 billion hours of video are consumed on YouTube each month.

However, this show is funny enough that its worth giving in to that dependence and putting a few hours into watching it. This might not be the series to watch with your youngest kids, but older ones will get it. Common Sense Media recommends "Bad Internet" for kids 16 and older.

3. Furze World Wonders

Colin Furze is an inventor with quite a lot of brainpower to spare. As such, he bestows fans with his smarts to help them achieve their goals, whether theyre traditionally inventive or not. For example, in one episode, he helps a group of indie musicians try to become rock gods."

4. Kings of Atlantis

The youngest of YouTubers will love this cartoon series.

The show's protagonists, Cody and Joe, are in the midst of regaining power over the city of Atlantis, a right taken from them by the show's bad guy, King Phaeton. Your kids will love the action, and you'll enjoy the lessons about friendship and history that come with it.

5. Dan and Phil The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire

Chances are, if you know anything about YouTube celebrities, you've heard of Dan and Phil. They posted their first video in September 2014, and by March 2015, they had 1 million subscribers.

Their silly clips have become internet memes, and their stories, sketches and interactions with their fans is what "The Amazing Tour Is Not on Fire" is all about. Dan and Phil's tour shows clips from their live performances, including behind-the-scenes videos about the inception of the tour and life on the road.

6. Single By 30

Not everything on YouTube is purely comedic. This dramedy more of a family show if your kids are 14 or older follows two friends who made a pact to marry by 30 and, surprise, that big birthday is just around the corner. They try to date others, though, and their tribulations in the world of modern dating make the show fun.

7. MatPats Game Lab

If you have passionate gamers in your home, "MatPat's Game Lab" could be a great series for them. The show combines the games they love with the real-life science behind them.

Your kids can even interact with the YouTube channel, clicking through and looking around 360-degree clips that bring virtual reality to your home without a fancy headset.

8. 12 Deadly Days

This scary-but-funny series is perfect for kids in their mid-teens.

Gather the family around to see what happens in Saturn, California, a town thats cursed even at the happiest time of the year: Christmas. The dozen days mentioned in the title are a reference to that classic holiday jingle, "The Twelve Days of Christmas."

9. Escape the Night

Is your family into elimination-style reality series? YouTube has you covered with "Escape the Night."

Hosted by Joey Graceffa, a YouTube celebrity in his own right, the show transports participants from the modern age into a bygone era. Then, they're plunked right into a fictional murder mystery, where they have to solve puzzles to survive a fictional death and elimination from the show. Common Sense Media recommends "Escape the Night" for kids 14 and older.

10. YouTube films

Need something a little longer to watch than a TV show? YouTube has full-length features on its site, too. Many of them are informative, which means your family will get a one-two punch of entertainment and enlightenment.

You can even check out trailers before you settle down and choose a film.

These are just 10 ideas you can find so much worthwhile content on YouTube that's just as exciting as a traditional TV show.

Read the descriptions together, choose as a family and settle in for a night that's a little different than the ones you spend in front of the TV, but is just as cozy and rewarding.
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