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Wave the biggest flag
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In the day and age we live in, war and the hardships that come with it are ever more visible. We, as a community, live extremely close to a military base meaning we, even more so than others, are affected by our country’s current military engagements.

It is us then who are hit the hardest by war, and thus I believe it is we who must support our troops the most. I’m a firm believer that even if you don’t support the war, to not support our troops is an audacious crime.

Growing up in a military community in a time when our military has been so active has given me the opportunity to witness awesome acts of patriotism and love. It is an awe inspiring thing to hear my friends talk about sending their parents or loved ones off to serve our country. To hear the pride in their voices when they tell me how their solider is their hero for putting so much on the line so we can live in such freedom and peace, or to see the tidal wave of grief that passes over them when they have to say goodbye.

It is because of these things I have seen, because of these raw emotions, that I believe it is our community, and those like it, who must wave the biggest flag. Let us, the communities that so many of our brave men and women overseas call home be an example for all the nation to follow.

We must say thank you to those who have gone far away from their homes and families to fight for our way of life, and we must support those they left behind as they carry on. It is our duty, as citizens, to support them at home just as it their duty to support us abroad.

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