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The best and brightest honored at RHHS, BCHS
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Richmond Hill High School celebrated Honors Night May 15, with numerous scholarships and awards presented to members of the senior class.

"I want to congratulate the most ambitious students of 2008," said RHHS senior Meghan Guarino in the opening remarks.

Here’s the list of scholarships students received:

Coastal Cooperative Foundation Scholarship – Alex Fay, Mollie Riggins

Washington Youth Tour Scholarship – Roberta Woods, Alexandra Mazur

American Cancer Society Scholarship – Benjamin Botelho

AXA Equitable Scholarship – Alex Fay

L & P Enterprises Scholarship – Sophia Navedo

Justin T. Dismukes Scholarship – Catherine Dewitt

Katie Brookshire Memorial Scholarship – Emily Stephens

Richmond Hill Exchange Club Student of the Year – Lauren Hall

Richmond Hill Historical Society Scholarship – Alex Fay

Michael Mincey and Max Elliot Scholarships – Michael Zhu & Amelia Morgan

American Legion Post 27 Veteran’s Scholarship – Alexandra Mazur, Benjamin Botelho, Mitchell Shores

Richmond Hill Rotary Club Scholarship – Katryna McCann, Benjamin Botelho

The Long Scholarships – Michael Zhu, Anna Bloomer, Amelia Morgan

Richmond Hill Lions Club Scholarship – Matthew Hickman

Richmond Hill Cheerleading Booster Club Scholarship – Alexandra Mazur, Jillian Yontz

United States Air Force Academy Scholarship – Kaleb Jenkins

ROTC Scholarships – Keisha Green, Sophia Navedo, Brittany Smith

National Guard Scholarships – Morgan Hefner, Jacob Shealey, Justin Hackney, Randi Carter

Mercer University Scholarships – Emily Stephens, Jessica Pippard, Thomas Evans

The Coca-Cola Scholarships – Alicia Traylor, Amelia Morgan, Jeremy Futch, Karissa Kracht and Skye Love

In RHHS department awards:

English: AP English – Emily Stephens, CP English – Jonathan Bowyer, TP – English Erik Mills, SAT Prep – Jeremy Goolsby, Oral and Written Communication – John Rush, Speech I – Catherine Dewitt, Speech II – Jennifer Cavin, Film – John Rush, Journalism –Meghan Guarino and Young Authors Writing Contest – Matthew Baker.

Matthew Page won the fine arts art award and Huy Phan won the math award.

Science: Earth Science – Jessica Lay, Environmental Science – Adam Faircloth, Zoology – Courtney Bishie, Anatomy – Huy Phan, Forensics – Dylan Masters, Applied Biology – D’Angela Morrison and Science Student of the Year – Mary Meeks.

Social Studies: TP Economics – Zach Montano, CP Economics – Michael Zhu, Honors Economics – Karissa Kracht, TP Government – Jelisa Burford, CP Government –

Benjamin Botelho, AP Government – Matthew Baker and Luke Ingram, U.S. Military History – James Degnan and Street Law – Anna Bloomer.

Foreign Language: Spanish II – Jessica Qualls

In other categories, the Technology Education award went to Jacob Shealey, Physical Education winner was Jason Mueller, Melissa McGinley and Jordan Klebe won Perfect Attendance awards, Huy Phan was named class salutatorian and Matthew Baker is the class valedictorian and STAR Student, Katryna McCann won the Citizenship Award, Sophia Navedo won the Leadership Award, Meghan Guarino won student of the year and Fredda Ingram won teacher of the year.



Bryan County’s honors event was held May 16 and included awards for all students, in addition to senior awards. Here’s the seniors who were recognized during the event:

City of Pembroke Awards – Sara Crowe (Leadership) and Karen Smith (Work Development)

American Society of Military Comptrollers – Stephen Williams

U.S. Army National Scholar Athlete Award – D.J. McElroy and Ashley Barfield

U.S. Marine Corp Musical Excellence Award – Nick Lancaster

U.S. Marine Corp Distinguished Athlete Award – D.J. McElroy and Ashley Barfield

U. S. Marine Corp Scholastic Excellence Award – Anna Smith

BCHS Boosters’ Club Scholarship – Lindsey Seger

NeSmith Chevrolet Scholarship – Lindsey Seger

Pembroke Masonic Lodge Scholarship – Brittany Friedberg

Canoochee EMC Foundation Scholarship – Lindsey Seger

National Sojourners Award – Jessica Jenkins

Scottish Rite Medal – Mitzi Cross

Military Order of World Wars – Joe Wallin

Heritage Bank – Howard Amelsberg

Senior Beta Club Scholarship – Cristy Cannady, Cierra Shuman and Anna Smith

STAR Student and STAR Teacher – Howard Amelsberg (student) and Michael Owens (teacher)

UGA Certificates of Merit – Melanie Allen, Amber Morgan, Sasha Morgan, Tosca Morgan, Jessica Norfleet and Emily Stafford

Prudential Spirit of Community Award – Certificates of Merit to Amber, Sasha and Tosca Morgan; Presidents Volunteer Service Award – Tony Clark

Roush Band Award – Kenneth Hagans

NAASP Principal’s Award – RoShunda Washington

Savannah Morning News Awards of Excellence – Howard Amelsberg (student) and Michael Owens (teacher); Brittany Slater (student) and Tracey Foxworth (teacher)

Art – Brittany Slater, Ryan Poythress

Agri-Science – Agriculture to Joey Ellis and Apprentice to Melanie Smith

Band – Dylan Kohler and Kevin Kilmer

Business Education – Kelsey Hill and Monteza Bishop

Chorus – RoShunda Washington and Kelsey Hill

Family & Consumer Science – FCCLA Excellence to Heather Crews and FACS Excellence to Keonna Foy

Foreign Language – Spanish I to Emily Stafford; Spanish II to Monteza Bishop

Journalism – RoShunda Washington and Melanie Allen

JROTC – Superior JROTC Cadet Award to Lawquina Gillard and Distinguished JROTC Cadet Award to Kenneth Hagans

In departmental awards:

Language Arts – Literature to Courtney Hills and Honors to Anna Smith

Mathematics – Charles Mutcherson

Physical Education – Samantha Howard and Joseph Jenkins

Athlete of the Year – D.J. McElroy and Ashley Barfield

Academic Athlete of the Year – Jennifer Waters and Justin Covington

Wendy’s High School Heisman Award – D.J. McElroy and Ashley Barfield

Science – Melanie Smith

Social Studies – Howard Amelsberg

Technology Education – Video Production to Amber Morgan and Technology to Kurt Shuman

Tracey Foxworth is teacher of the year, Jasmine James is the winner of the Principal’s Outstanding Student Award, Olivia Harvey Heart and Soul Award went to Howard Amelsberg and RoShunda Washington is the student of the year.

In literary awards:

Aaron Bashlor – 2nd place Boys’ Dramatic Interpretation

Christy Cook – 2nd place Girls’ Dramatic Interpretation

Meghan Shuman – 1st place Girls’ Extemporaneous speaking

Robert Shaul – 2nd place Boys’ Extemporaneous speaking

Joey Ferreira – 1st place Boys’ Essay

Britany Shuman – 1st place Girls’ Solo

Rufus Boyd – 3rd place Boys’ Solo

RoShunda Washington – 1st place Girls’ Trio

Kelsey Hill – 1st place Girls’ Trio

Katie Smith – 1st place Girls’ Trio

Citizenship Award winners for 2007-2008 were Ashley Barfield, Cody Brown, Sara Crowe, Laquina Gilliard, Meredith Hagin, Ana King, Mike Mitchell, Amber Morgan, Sasha Morgan, Tosca Morgan, Mike Mitchell, Serena Palmer, Lindsey Seger, Ciera Shuman and Stephen Williams.

Young Georgia Author’s Awards went to 9th grader Bridget Bacon; 10th grader Katie Smith; 11th grader Jessica Norfleet and 12th grader Josh Boyd.

President’s Educational Achievement Awards for 2007-2008 went to Cristy Cannady, Frannie Carter, Dean Gaddy, Ashlei Jones, Ana King, Pharez Lavant, Jessica Norfleet, Brittany Slater, Deandre Walker and RoShunda Washington.

The top 10 Redskins for the year in 9th grade were Sabrina Pope*, Shameka Gray*, Chantalette Smith, Sheena Holcombe, Jeremy Ennis, Ashley Buchan, Bridget Bacon, Tracy Mears, Taylor Stanfield and DeVante Frazier; in 10th grade, Lauren Hodges*, Ryan Poythress*, Brittany Stevenson, Timothy Roberts, Samantha Howard, Joshua Adams, Britany Shuman, Lindsay Mason, Shyrae Lonon and Robert Shaul; in 11th grade, Melanie Allen*, Amber Morgan*, Sasha Morgan, Tosca Morgan, Jessica Norfleet, Emily Stafford, John Kuntz, Kurt Shuman, Justin Covington, Joey Bacon and in 12th grade, Anna Smith*, Melanie Smith*, Jennifer Waters, Sara Crowe, Stephen Williams, Ana King, RoShunda Washington, Howard Amelsberg, Janna Morgan and Cristy Cannady. The * indicates the student also received a President’s Education Excellence Award.

The yearly Honor Roll award winners for 9th grade are Ashley Buchan, Jeremy Ennis, Jenniferr Fleming, Chelsea Gallo, Casey Howard, Brandon Lyons, Courtney Moore, Nicholas Rud, Maria Ruiz, Jacquelyn Williams and Kimberly Williams. In 10th grade, they are Aaron Bashlor, Michael Benton, Savannah Fennell, Samantha Howard, Robert Shaul, Katie Smith and Brittany Stevenson. In 11th grade, Joey Bacon, Frances Carter, Joseph Fabin, Matthew Jackson, Arsenio Key, Robert Manton, Tyler Moody, Jessica Norfleet, Sarah Ryan, Latoria Shields, Kurt Shuman and Raphael Ward. In 12th grade, Howard Amelsberg, Ashley Barfield, Jessica Coleman, LaNisha Graves, Ana King, Janna Morgan, Brittany Slater, Anna Smith, Tionna Stevenson, Blair Tucker, RoShunda Washington, Brittany Williams and Ashley Wynn.

Students who received the Principal’s Honor Roll in 9th grade are Maggie Purcell, Shameka Gray, Taylor Stanfield, Sabrina Pope, Victoria Williams, Sarah Swicegood, Chantalette Smith, Sheena Holcombe, Bridget Bacon, Ben Covington and Mitchell Owens; 10th grade, Lauren Hodges, Lindsay Mason, Timothy Roberts, Ryan Poythress, Olivia Petty, Shyrae Lonon, Brittany Shuman, Cody Crowe and Amber Myrick; 11th grade, Rebecca Horton, Emily Stafford, Amber Morgan, Reba Rackley, Melanie Allen, Tosca Morgan, Justin Covington, John Kuntz, Shaunequia Moore, Phillip Kirby, Cayce Pennington, Sasha Morgan and Amber Barrett; 12th grade, Cody Nail, Amanda Ellrod, Jessica Holcombe, Christy Cannady, Melanie Smith, Jennifer Waters, Sara Crowe, Mathew Dutcher, Kelsey Hill, Lindsey Seger, Lionel Vicknair, Stephen Williams, Alexis Buster, Raquel McLamb, Ciara Shuman, Jasmine James, Jarell Paulk, Brittany Friedberg, Monteza Bishop, Courtney Hills, Darrell McElroy and Lawquina Gilliard.

Students with perfect attendance for the year are Joshua Adams, Vanessa Brown, Chelsea Cannon, Drew Deleanides, Robert Franks, Samantha Howard, Arsenio Key, Amanda Minis, Amber Morgan, Sasha Morgan, Tosca Morgan, Rosolino Newton, Jason Rogers, Melanie Smith, Stephanie Turner and Brian Williams.





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