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Students get tips on education
Monster campus reps talk to students
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On Jan.  23, 2007, Bryan County High School was visited by Danese Adessi from Monster Campus in conjunction with Axia College of University of Phoenix.
She spoke with Redskin juniors and seniors about their opportunities after leaving Bryan County High.
She shared with BCHS students the ins and outs of making one’s college search count.
There are 4216 colleges in the United States. That means you have 4216 different choices in colleges when applying for higher education.
Adessi told the BCHS juniors and seniors different ways to search for the perfect college or university.
She gave advice such as creating a separate email account to request and receive college information. She also shared the criteria for getting into college, options of how to pay for college, information regarding scholarships, and gave students helpful web sites. Ms. Adessi helped make the search for higher education a little easier.
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