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Redskins run out of time
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The Redskins came close to beating Jenkins County Friday night with a final score of 77-75. There was just not enough time left on the clock. Winded by this exciting game, the Bryan County boys struggled at home against ECI with a loss of 51-35.
In the Redskins’ Friday night road game against Jenkins County, the Eagles’ athleticism and size gave them all the advantages. The Redskins will and determination would not be deterred. As the game got underway, Redskins Willie DeLoach and Trey Boatright fought under the basket for each rebound, showing the Jenkins County crowd that Bryan County could hang in with the Eagles.
The Redskins began challenging every inch of the floor. Stephen Ranger proved he could be a threat to the Eagle defense and Jerry Graves proved he could shoot threes. Down by 10 in the second quarter, Bryan County kept inching up on the Eagles’ lead. Redskin Willie DeLoach demonstrated his skill at scoring on rebounds. It appeared as though the Eagles counted on a win even before the Redskins arrived, but were sadly disappointed at how much work was involved.
The Redskins stepped up the pace in the third quarter. The high intensity plays frustrated the Eagles dunks. Bryan would make up some lost ground in the third quarter, but would lose it to the Eagles’ size.
Redskin freshmen Willie DeLoach and Winston Johnson were on fire in the fourth quarter and led the whole team’s momentum. With precision steals, they inched closer on the Jenkins County lead, bringing a victory within sight in the final minutes. In the end, there was just not enough time for the Redskins, who lost to Jenkins County by one basket 77-75.
Scoring – Winston Johnson 17, Willie DeLoach 13, Jerry Graves 13, Trey Boatright 11, Stephen Ranger 9, Alkeen Collins 5, DJ McElroy 4, and Kyle Nicholson 3.
Facing the ECI Bulldogs at home Saturday night, the Redskins got off to a rough start with a 14-7 deficit in the first quarter and Willie DeLoach out most of the quarter with a bloody nose. Comfortable with their lead, the Bulldogs tried a stall tactic in the second quarter by holding the ball from 5:30 to 2:00 left on the clock. This strange tactic did not accomplish much, except for making the Bryan County fans boo and ECI fans clap.
Down by 13 in the third quarter, the Redskins switched from a zone defense to a full court man-to-man press, but ECI’s nine offensive rebounds gave them the edge they needed to win the ball game 51-35.
Scoring – Alkeen Collins 10, Trey Boatright 6, Willie DeLoach 6, Stephen Ranger 6, Winston Johnston 5, and Jermaine Byrd 2.

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