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RHHS Young Repubkicans visit Washington
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Four Richmond Hill High School students stand in front of the Lincoln Memorial during the Young Republicans trip to the nations capital in March. - photo by Photo provided.

The Young Republicans of Richmond Hill High School took a trip to Washington March 18—21.

While there, they visited the White House, Capitol, Washington Monument, National World War II Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Steven F. Udvar—Hazy Center, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Arlington National Cemetery, Smithsonian National Museum of American History and the National Zoo.

"We walked almost 39 miles in four days," said Russ Carpenter, a U.S. government teacher at RHHS.

The following are quotes by students about what the Washington trip meant to them:

• "The Arlington cemetery was very humbling, and it was great to pay our respects to all the soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice to keep our country safe." — Wes Daniel

• "It was amazing to see all the monuments and landmarks that millions of people, famous or not, have seen and experienced like I did. I will forever view them differently when I see them on television or in media." — Foster Reynolds

• "It is important for each and every American to acknowledge the detrimental effects that the Holocaust had on the world as a whole. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum puts what really happened into perspective." — Bayley George

• "This field trip was beyond an educational experience. The Holocaust Memorial Museum takes you into your emotions and turns the learning experience into something so much more. Let’s just say, after this museum, the long walks didn’t seem too bad (39 miles in four days). — Gianna Perani

• "The Young Republicans fostered an exceptional opportunity for those who were intrigued by American history to view our country’s background in a way that very few can experience. I felt very blessed to have the chance to view my great—grandparents’ gravesites in Arlington cemetery for the first time. It made me realize how truly indebted I am to the great sacrifices made by those who served our country in World War II." — Haley Black.

• "I believe Washington, D.C., is a must for any American. D.C. showed me how much our country has been through. Arlington was breathtaking, the museums enlightening and the sights were unbelievable. Many great men and women devoted their lives for this country, and I could never thank them enough." —Matthew Frost

• "Having the opportunity to go to Washington, D.C., and be immersed in all of the history is amazing. Learning in a classroom is one thing, but actually being able to see the history and tour the actual artifacts can’t be taught. The experience overall is not only extremely informative, but also very humbling." — Haley Smith

• "I’ve been to D.C. before, and this time was definitely one of my favorites. Even though we only had a few days, we made the most of them. I really loved seeing the monuments at night. It was such a different experience than seeing them in daylight. My favorite was old Abe. I’ve also never seen the inside of the White House before, so that was a great memory. I wish I wasn’t a senior because I would definitely go again next year if I could." — Megan McFarland

• "Seeing D.C. with Young Republicans will definitely be one of (her) favorite memories of my senior year. Going to all the museums and monuments after going through modern military history and government class last semester, it all came full circle for me, and I was able to understand and truly see the severe impacts of events on our nation’s history." — Miranda Church

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