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Piano students put on recital
Students of Dasher's Piano Studio gather recently with owner and teacher Donna Dasher after holding a costume recital for the residents of Bryan County Health and Rehabilitation. - photo by Photo by Lori Wynn
More than 20 students from Dasher’s Piano Studio came out in costume to entertain residents of the Bryan County Health and Rehabilitation the evening of Oct. 26.
The students performed piano pieces with “scary” minor sounds, high “screechy” tones and low “moaning” sounds.
“The Halloween pieces are so much fun because the students get to use high and low notes that are not in their normal range of performance pieces,” said Donna Dasher, studio owner and teacher.
The students also performed “character” pieces and dressed up like their characters. In addition, students performed “autumn” pieces with lyrical tones that gave a feeling of bringing in the fall season.
The students enjoy entertaining residents of Richmond Hill and Savannah on a regular basis. Joann McIntosh and the staff of BCHR help make it an enjoyable event providing fresh baked cookies and serving goodies and treats for the students, families and residents.
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