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Lanie students celebrate attendance
Bounce House
Lanier Primary School students in Cindy Lotts kindergarten class who achieved perfect attendance had a blast in the bounce house Oct. 14. - photo by Photo provided.

Passersby could hear the excitement in the students’ voices last week as they walked past the multipurpose room on their way to homeroom, exclaiming things like “Look at that! I can’t wait until it’s our turn!” and “We get food, too!” 
There was good reason to be excited – Oct. 14 was perfect attendance rewards day for the first nine weeks of school at Lanier Primary. 
Students who had not missed a day of school and had been tardy less than three times during the first nine weeks of school were allowed to come to the multipurpose room as a reward. There were 150 students rewarded for their perfect attendance, and they arrived at the multipurpose room to see an inflatable bounce house, popcorn and Kool-Aid. 
Several parents came to the school to watch their children receive certificates of appreciation and pencils during an awards ceremony Oct. 13.
“We would like to thank the parents for all of their hard work and faithfulness to bring their children to school each day,” Principal Dr. Patti Newman said. “However, the real reward for the students is the bounce house that we will have at school tomorrow.” 
The students seemed to agree with Newman’s sentiments.
As students walked back to class, they exclaimed things like “That was awesome!” and “I can’t wait until next nine weeks.”

Hodges is the assistant principal at Lanier.

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