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Restroom Vandalism at RHHS
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To my loyal constituents and classmates,

I have heard your cries for vindication. Your demands for justice have not fallen on deaf ears. I, your President and friend, will strike forth with glorious anger and illuminating ferocity to shine a light of conviction on this foul soul who dares defile our restrooms. Even now I stalk the bathrooms, hunting the villain.

Our valiant sovereigns in the office have lead the charge for cleanliness, but some duty still trickles down to us.

We must be the eyes, my fellow classmates. Dr. Spann is working hard to rid our hallways of this perpetrator, but he cannot be everywhere at once. We must play the watchdog.

Keep a wary eye to the bathrooms. Let none muddy the waters of sanitation.

Our school is our temple, and we will defend it as neo-templars, crusading for all those we hold dear within the brick walls of Richmond Hill High.

Likewise, let the day not come when it becomes a both humiliating and potentially repugnant act to visit the restroom in our proud citadel.

Let it be rung from the stately 100 hall to the outermost portables, from the greenest freshmen to the most veteran senior, and yes, even to that most vile bandit who hath sullied our lavatories, that we will not be had.

Our spirits will not be fazed nor our funny bones tickled by this most base bane’s deranged lack of civility.

Let it be known that Richmond Hill will rage, rage against the devil that pulled this abhorrent filth from the swirling waters of sewage and strew it about in a most infantile fashion.

We will not forget or let escape this goon. The fiend will be caught, punishment shall be administered, and the heinousness of his crime shall be wiped from the wall of our great temple for the last time.

We will triumph, we will overcome this treachery.

We will emerge a stronger, cleaner, more united RHHS. This I promise you, my sweet innocents.

Stephen M. Hundley

Senior Class President

Recently Richmond Hill High has been experiencing a string of vandalism. The incidents have been primarily aimed at the school’s four main bathrooms. Both the boys’ and girls’ lavatories are being targeted, indicating that the vandal is most likely not a single individual, but several. While public school bathrooms are not typically known for their pristine condition, owed not to the maintenance staff but moreso to the caliber of the average user, this recent outbreak of grubbiness however, has been above and beyond the norm. In response to the situation some stricter regulatory measures concerning restroom use have been implemented.

Students are required to keep close tabs on all their restroom breaks, complete with check-out and check-in times, via sign out sheets. While this was already a standard at RHHS, it has been reaffirmed. In addition to this teachers have been instructed to not allow bathroom breaks, unless of course there is an emergency, during the first and last fifteen minutes of class. Breaks for water have been strongly discouraged during class time altogether.

While the students of Richmond Hill are not overly thrilled with the stronger bathroom regulations they nonetheless stand behind the administration, and are in concurrence with Dr. Spann, principal, in that this is a serious, and disgusting, issue that deserves both an immediate and effective response. "It’s a bit of a hassle, but it’s necessary," said one Richmond Hill student.

The administration has gone so far as offer up a "reward" for information, primarily names, leading to the apprehension of the vandal(s). While reports coming from the office indicate that headway is being made, a definite culprit has yet to be exposed. Students and staff alike, and most assuredly the maintenance faculty, eagerly await the apprehension of the ruffian.


- by Stephen Hundley


Hundley is a senior at Richmond Hill High School.

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