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BCMS students celebrate good behavior
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Last week, several hundred students at Bryan County Middle School celebrated their good behavior with a sunny afternoon break and the opportunity to purchase tasty treats.

In order for the students to participate in the EBIS (Effective Behavior Instruction Strategy) award day they must have earned at least 500 points by the end of the nine week school period.

"We are having fun," said 7th grader Todd Schaffer. "It’s nice to get out of class and visit with our friends."

The EBIS program at BCMS is referred to by the students as "Everyone Behaves in School." During the reward day, many of the students partook in hula hooping, throwing Frisbees, footballs, hanging out with friends, chatting with their favorite teachers, and just enjoying the warm weather.

According to the state EBIS web page, the EBIS system involves changing situations and events that people with problem behaviors experience in order to reduce the likelihood that problem behaviors will occur and increase social, personal, and professional quality in the students’ lives.

With this strategy, teachers and faculty at BCMS use an approach that blends values about the rights of people with disabilities with a practical science about how learning and behavior change occur. EBIS is a set of research-based strategies used to increase quality of life and decrease problem behaviors by teaching new skills and making changes in a person’s environment. The EBIS process involves a team of individuals working together collaboratively to gather information and create strategies for preventing problem behavior.

Later that evening, the middle school welcomed parents and students for their Spring Parents’ Night. During the evening teachers held parent conferences, dinner was served, and parents were invited to several classes about the CRCT, Parent Tip Sessions, a session for 5th grade parents, a special Parents of SEEK Students class and a student led session call Pi for Parents.

The student led session allowed parents to participate in activities celebrating Pi. Students received 314 points on their registers for their parents’ attendance.

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