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BCHS students take part in SeaPerch
BCHS program 1127
Bryan County High School students James Threatt and Noah Twiggs worked together on their SeaPerch remotely operated vehicles. - photo by Photo provided.

Students in Inga Cashon’s engineering-concepts class and in Ginnie Sherrod’s Science Club at Bryan County High School have been involved with the SeaPerch program throughout this month.
SeaPerch is a national program that provides students with remotely operated vehicle kits through a grant. Sherrod and Cashon applied for and received the grant in October.
Students began by learning about ocean engineering through career activities and research. Next, they learned about the engineering-design process and reviewed videos on how to construct their ROV. In addition, students learned tool safety and an electrical-engineering component. The students participated in the building process and then tested their SeaPerch ROV.
For testing, students were required to pick up four underwater-type diving rings and bring them to the surface. Next, students had to maneuver their underwater robot through a series of diving rings. Sherrod’s and Cashon’s students also competed.
The highlight of testing day was a student with a waterproof camera case who recorded video footage from the ROV point of view and an underwater perspective.
The students also were required to take pre- and post-assessment surveys. For more information, go to

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