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How to stop your children from becoming picky eaters

Growing up, my sister hated tomatoes. She would do anything to avoid eating tomatoes, including hiding them in her napkin, shoving them onto my plate or simply just sitting there and refusing to eat them.

December 28, 2017 | Christa Cutler FamilyShare | Trending

Woman takes an Uber home after having a few drinks with her husband at a bar. This is what she found

When Paula Grzelak-Schultz returned to the car she left in a parking lot, she quickly spotted a paper placed on her windshield. She thought it was a ticket.

December 28, 2017 | Melinda Fox FamilyShare | Trending

This ‘flight to nowhere’ goes viral for leaving model stranded for 8 hours

Model Chrissy Teigen spent Sunday night tweeting about her recent flight from Los Angeles to Japan that turned into a “flight to nowhere.”

December 28, 2017 | Herb Scribner Deseret News special workflow | Trending

Hilarious Twitter meme reveals the exact moment to play your favorite songs on New Year’s Eve

A new meme trending across social media provides the perfect soundtrack to kick off your 2018.

December 28, 2017 | Herb Scribner Deseret News special workflow | Trending

Did your ex text you this week? They call that ‘Marleying’

Chances are you might have experienced the latest texting trend this last weekend.

December 28, 2017 | Herb Scribner Deseret News special workflow | Trending

Mom's New Year's resolutions for her kids

The new year is a time for renewal, a time for promises and a time to vow today to become better humans tomorrow.

December 28, 2017 | Erin Stewart Deseret News | Trending

Washington Post writer explains why people leave Wyoming but love Idaho

A news analysis from The Washington Post investigated why people want to move to Idaho but leave Wyoming even though the states are relatively similar in terms of landscape and culture.

December 28, 2017 | Herb Scribner Deseret News special workflow | Trending

Have You Seen This? How to give a cat for Christmas

SANTA’S WORKSHOP — If it's time for your family to get a cat for Christmas this year, there are many things to think about and prepare.

December 26, 2017 | Martha Ostergar | Trending

This is how this teen dad proves to the world that not every dad leaves

Remember the part in Juno when teenage Juno takes the pregnancy test three times, each time with more and more panic? She’s 16 and knows the problems being a pregnant teen can have. She knows she will be judged at school, that her parents will be mad and that taking care of this child will require work and money.

December 26, 2017 | Christa Cutler FamilyShare | Trending

Study proves that moms can be happier by doing this

If moms need anything, it's more time. Time to be with their kids, time to cook and clean, time to grocery shop, time to work and time to simply enjoy life.

December 26, 2017 | Wendy Jessen FamilyShare | Trending

Have You Seen This? Nurse gets holiday surprise from son in Navy training

ATLANTA — Sometimes the only gift we need during the holidays is time with loved ones, something one son understood very well when he decided to surprise his mom at work.

December 26, 2017 | Mary Dalrymple | Trending

These are the top audiobooks on Audible for 2017

Audible, the world’s largest seller and producer of streamable and downloadable audiobooks, recently shared its top 10 most-listened-to books of the year.

December 26, 2017 | Herb Scribner Deseret News special workflow | Trending

Viral video shows 2 girls having a dance-off with an airport employee

Traveler Joe Vaughn shared a video on social media showing two little girls dancing with a Dallas airport employee while waiting for a flight to Oklahoma City, and it has gone viral.

December 25, 2017 | Herb Scribner Deseret News special workflow | Trending

Arianne Brown: A child in motion is a beautiful thing even if with a broken femur

Just two weeks ago, I was asking my 2-year-old son, Audi, to please stop climbing, jumping off of things and running around because I didn't want him to get hurt. Now I am looking at him completely immobilized in a cast that covers his entire right leg and goes all the way up to his chest in what the medical professionals call a spica cast.

December 25, 2017 | Arianne Brown Deseret News | Trending

Have You Seen This? Musical, ugly Christmas sweater is pure magic

THE OFFICE PARTY — The halls have been decked, the last Friday has been worked, and now it’s all about the last preparations for Christmas.

December 25, 2017 | Martha Ostergar | Trending

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Yes, the Harry Potter books are getting a redesign; here’s why

Prepare to spend more money on Harry Potter swag.

January 19, 2018 | Herb Scribner Deseret News special workflow | Trending

Have You Seen This? Dozens of pronghorn running down the highway

MONTANA — Have you ever woken up on a crisp, clear winter day and been like, "I'm gonna go for a jog!!!"

January 19, 2018 | Mary Dalrymple | Trending

Have You Seen This? Security cam catches fox vs. owl showdown

CANADA — In the ultimate battle between fox and owl, who's your pick to win?

January 18, 2018 | Mary Dalrymple | Trending

Dad posts video of his daughter at church; now it’s going viral and when you see it you’ll understan

Tyler Hull’s daughter, Aubrey, became a viral sensation when her Dad posted a video of the toddler in church.

January 18, 2018 | Amberlee Lovell FamilyShare | Trending

New California declares independence from California. Is a 51st state on the way?

Is the country about to get its 51st state? Leaders of the New California movement sure hope so.

January 18, 2018 | Herb Scribner Deseret News special workflow | Trending

Like a picture puzzle, our lives become clearer as we watch positive patterns develop

Our son Jim’s family gave us a lovely present from Liberty Puzzle of Boulder, Colorado. The puzzle is cut into many intricate twirly pieces ...

January 18, 2018 | Sherry Young Deseret News | Trending

The only real protection for children is personal responsibility

Almost all parents are worriers. Parents worry about their children's physical safety. They are concerned about their emotional and social safety. They worry about ...

January 18, 2018 | Linda and Richard Eyre Deseret News | Trending

We have the first plot synopsis for upcoming 'Solo' Star Wars film

The new Han Solo-centered Star Wars film just got punched into hyperdrive.

January 18, 2018 | Herb Scribner Deseret News special workflow | Trending

14 of the most intriguing tech products at CES

LAS VEGAS — The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is always jampacked with all kinds of technology — from the incredible to the incredibly useless.

January 18, 2018 | Liesl Nielsen | Trending

When facing a new year, swim upstream

I feel conflicted this time of year.

January 18, 2018 | Amy Choate-Nielsen Deseret News | Trending

Is fear stifling your creativity?

Years ago, I decided I was going to write a novel, get published and change the world.

January 17, 2018 | Erin Stewart Deseret News | Trending

4 ways to raise your child with a healthy view of marriage (and 3 ways to ruin it)

When you have kids, you are automatically on display 24/7. Everything you do, they see and they learn from your example. Your marriage is ...

January 17, 2018 | Megan Shauri FamilyShare | Trending

Report: Jeff Flake to compare Trump to Stalin in upcoming speech

Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake plans to take a stand against President Donald Trump’s views on the media this week.

January 17, 2018 | Herb Scribner Deseret News special workflow | Trending

Vivint’s new app wants to help you be a better neighbor

LAS VEGAS — Eight days after beginning a pilot program with Vivint Smart Home’s new app, Streety, residents of a normally-quiet Las Vegas suburb awoke ...

January 16, 2018 | Liesl Nielsen | Trending

Have You Seen This? Not your mama’s ping-pong tricks video

THE NET — If you spend much time on the internet, you’ve seen a lot of videos and whole YouTube channels that involve trick shots ...

January 16, 2018 | Martha Ostergar | Trending

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